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Apple Watch Faces – Edit an Existing Watch Face, Changing the Face, and More

Apple Watch Faces

Apple Watch

Whether you’re new to the device or a seasoned user, you probably already know that the Apple Watch faces come with built-in watch faces.

Perhaps you don’t know how easy it is to change them.

Using the “Watch” app to change the face of your Apple Watch

To enhance a new face to your Apple Watch from your iPhone:

The Apple Watch faces are arranged alphabetically in the gallery, although the new ones also appear at the top of the screen.

However, each Apple Watch face includes different complications that you can change; Depending on the front, you can also change the colors and the type of face (analogue or digital).

Complications are based on installed applications, both native and third-party. For example, you’ll find complications related to weather, fitness, sports, calendar items, and much more.

Sun sphere example:

A duo of numbers example:

Edit an existing watch face in the watches app:

To alteration the look of an existing Apple Watch Face using the iPhone app:

Delete a watch face in the Watch app:

If you want to delete an existing face from Apple Watch using the iPhone app:

Using the apple watch on itself

You can also add, adjust, and remove faces from the wearable device.

Changing the face of the Apple watch

To view and select Apple Watch faces directly from your wearable device.

Press the digital crown once to go to the face of the Watch.

Here swipe left, or right to cycle through the available Watch faces using your fingers. These will include the default watch faces and the ones you’ve created, but not all available Watch faces.

Here are the three newest faces of Watch on my device:

To edit a watch face on your device:

Touch Customize.

Face erasure on Apple Watch

If you no longer want to use an Apple Watch face on your wearable device, please remove it directly:

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