Local Guide Program

Are you familiar with Google’s Local Guide program? Indeed you have used Google Maps on more than one occasion when looking for a business or when you are travelling.

What is Google Local Guides?

Local Guide is a program where users registered in that community leave their evaluations about establishments, monuments, places, etc., within Google Maps.

  • At the same time, they can corroborate whether the reviews and information offered by Google maps correspond to reality.
  • It is a community of preferred users dedicated to offering more relevant and detailed information.
  • And reviews other users who are not distinguished as Local Guides.
  • Thanks to this information left by registered users in this program, the search engine can improve.
  • The quality of the data shown on its Maps platform and the best places to buy, visit, eat or sleep in each city in the world.
  • Also, being registered gives you access to a program of points and badges you obtain.
  • There are a series of rewards and extra advantages that Google itself offers to its members.
  • In fact, in sectors such as tourism. The information published by its users is shown in the search results through the Featured Snippets.
  • Something that helps a lot to other users looking for such specific information.

How does Google’s Local Guide program work?

To be a Google Local Guide, you have to register HERE. It is entirely free, and you only need to be of legal age, have or create a Gmail account and leave your city indicated.

  • Once you are registered, you can start leaving as many reviews as you want to upload photos.
  • Add new places or places to Google Maps and verify any information you find.
  • It is a program that is intended for people. That is, companies cannot register a profile and leave reviews.
  • For this reason, I advise you if you have a verified business within Google My Business.
  • And you also want to participate by leaving reviews. You better register as Local Guides with a different personal profile.
  • Depending on the actions that you carry out as a Local Guide, you will obtain points that will make your profile grow.
  • And its popularity within the Google ecosystem gives greater strength to your recommendations.

It is what you can do to get more points:

Leave a review: 10 points.

And if your review has more than 200 characters: 10 extra points.

Make an assessment: 1 point.

Verify data: 1 point.

Upload a photo to Google Maps: 5 points.

Tag an existing photo: 3 points.

Upload a video: 7 points.

Answers: 1 point.

Answer a question: 3 points.

Add a site that is not in Maps: 15 points.

Add a road to Maps: 15 points.

Verify data: 1 point.

Make a token edit: 5 points.

Eligible published list: 10 points.

Make a description on the list: 5 points. comments

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