Landing pages are a crucial step in the buying journey. By optimising your landing pages, you can increase conversions, which will boost overall sales and profitability. But, how can you improve the success rate of your landing pages? Let’s take a look.

1. Ensure all content is relevant and targeted

When users arrive on your landing page, it goes without saying that they will leave the site if the content is not relevant to them. Thus, it is important to ensure that any content on the page is tailored to your target market and how you can help your consumers specifically.

For example, whilst B2C businesses have a consumer base of individual people, for B2B brands, their consumers are actually other businesses. So, when optimising B2B landing pages, your content should be aimed at other businesses who you can solve the pain points of. On the other hand, B2C businesses should produce content geared towards their target market of consumers.

2. Be clear, concise and consistent

If a page is too wordy or full of content that doesn’t add any value, this is a sure fire way to overwhelm your audience. The landing page should drive conversions – this means hooking and keeping the visitor interested long enough to make a purchase, but also doing so quickly enough to convert impulse buyers and shoppers with a shorter attention span.

In addition to this, your page needs to be consistent with your branding across all channels. In other words, it needs to feel like a natural step in the buyer’s journey, encouraging conversion.

3. Make it easy to navigate

Many visitors will only spend around a minute on a website – if they cannot find the information they are looking for, they will leave. This highlights the importance of making the buying process as simple as possible.

Instead of multiple buttons and CTAs to confuse visitors, treat your landing pages as an extension of your website as opposed to a duplicate of your homepage – you might even remove navigation buttons altogether. Keep it simple with one singular CTA that is clear and uncluttered.

4. Employ search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques

SEO is crucial for modern businesses looking to drive traffic to any kind of content, such as blogs, websites, or landing pages. Keep on top of frequently searched questions, words, and phrases by your target audience and include them organically on your page to ensure that users can easily find your business on search engine results pages (SERPs).

5. Utilise different forms of content

Rather than sticking to written content, introduce some variety into your landing pages. This might include experimenting with infographics, charts, photos of the product in action, or even video content.

One of the surprising revelations to come out of the last couple of decades is that video content can boost conversion. In fact, one study reported in the Business Insider in 2009 found that including a video demonstration of a product on any webpage can increase conversion by as much as 30%.

6. Allow and promote sharing

And finally, encourage users to share your landing page across social media and communication platforms. In doing so, you can increase your reach and grow your audience organically.