Shipping your car to Philadelphia involves several factors that impact pricing. When searching for an auto transport company, request an all-inclusive quote which covers all fees and charges as well as guarantees.

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Costs associated with car shipping to or from Philadelphia can depend on factors like vehicle type, distance traveled and transport method selected.

To get an accurate cost estimate it is wise to obtain quotes from multiple auto transport companies before making your decision. Other considerations might include vehicle condition as well as toll roads.

Vehicles of extreme weight or length will cost more to ship due to carrier requirements for fitting it through their equipment, especially if it has low ground clearance.

Consider whether an enclosed or open vehicle would best meet your transport needs, as open transport tends to be cheaper but enclosed vehicles provide better protection.

Also important, upon picking up your car it’s essential that its condition be assessed thoroughly for new damages and to make sure all personal items have been taken off-board – if anything seems amiss inform the carrier immediately so they can remedy this situation as quickly as possible.

Booking auto transport services months in advance can save you money.

By taking advantage of seasonal discounts and lower fuel prices, booking early allows you to take full advantage of seasonal sales as well as guaranteed pickup/delivery dates – this way you avoid extra charges for expedited shipping. Some companies even provide shipping updates via email or phone calls!



When shipping a car, it’s essential that the process runs as smoothly and safely as possible. A few steps you can take to do just this include selecting amongst Philadelphia car shipping companies that offer door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal service. Also worth considering is whether they offer either open or enclosed carriers for your vehicle.

Philadelphia car shipping companies take great care in safeguarding their customers’ vehicles when shipping them. Their solid track records demonstrate their dedication, while offering an array of services tailored to suit individual customers’ needs and accommodating major credit cards as payment.

Many companies specialize in shipping cars with personal belongings; however certain restrictions apply (for instance flammable or hazardous substances must be removed prior to transport).

Philadelphia offers many reliable auto transport companies offering quality service at competitive rates.


Philadelphia is a historic hub with iconic landmarks and an enviable economy, boasting several universities as well as affordable housing. This attracts people from across the United States that require transportation options – for this reason it is essential that a dependable car transport company be chosen.

When selecting an auto transport service, be sure to find one with license and insurance. Be sure to request references and read online reviews. Look for independent client reviews that can help you make an informed decision.

A reputable company should offer competitive prices with safe and fast deliveries as well as guarantees on their work – an estimate should also be available regarding when they can pick up and deliver your car.

If you need your vehicle quickly picked-up and delivered, consider opting for express car transport services.

Express services provide fast quotes that should arrive within one or two days; however, to ensure proper planning of this option it is wise to book car shipping services a week or two in advance.

Car transport pricing primarily takes into account distance between pick-up and drop-off locations. Other considerations can affect this figure such as type of vehicle used and door-to-door versus terminal-to-terminal services.

Preparing Your Vehicle

Car shipping may seem daunting, but with proper preparation you can avoid extra charges and ensure your vehicle arrives undamaged.

A clean car makes it much simpler for both yourself and the carrier to identify any pre-existing damage more quickly and accurately, which means less repairs you didn’t cause need to be paid for by you.  You can click the link: for tips on how to clean your car.

Furthermore, having a clean vehicle makes removing personal items for transport much simpler, thus decreasing their chance of becoming lost or damaged during transit.

Before handing your vehicle over to the carrier, it is imperative that a comprehensive inspection be conducted and photos from various angles taken of its condition before its journey begins. This provides an evidence trail and aids any future claims processes.

As after-market car parts can break off during transport and cause costly repairs, it’s wise to secure or remove any removable accessories such as bike racks, spoilers or antennas before sending your car off for shipping. You can visit this site to learn more about how to replace your car antenna.

Before transporting your vehicle it is wise to inspect tire pressure, battery charge and fluid levels as well as leave a quarter tank of gas in it – this will reduce its weight during shipment and also allow reliable car shipping companies to offer GPS tracking so you can monitor its progress during shipping.