Apple HomePod

Apple HomePod announced the mini during its high-speed event on October 13, along with the iPhone 12.

The device is a minor version of the HomePod and has a ball-shaped design with mesh material and an LED touchpad on top.

HomePod mini release date and price

  • Reserve November 6
  • Available November 16
  • $ 99 / £ 99

The Apple HomePod launched in early 2018 and costs significantly more than the Amazon Echo and Google Home alternatives that it competes with. The HomePod mini is much more affordable, potentially a bigger rival for devices like the Echo.

The Apple HomePod mini will cost $ 99 in the US or £ 99 in the UK and be obtainable to pre-order from November 6. The sale date will be available from November 16.


  1. 3.3 inches tall
  2. The touch screen on top
  3. Gray or white mesh lining
  • The HomePod mini is a sphere that measures about 3.3 inches tall (83mm) and covers an acoustic mesh.
  • It looks like the HomePod, but at the same time, it bears a passing resemblance to the new Amazon Echo.
  • The top of the HomePod mini is flattened, with a screen on top, will respond to touch controls, and light up when you talk to Siri, just like the original HomePod did. It will come in two different colors, space gray and white.
  • Inside the new HomePod mini is a full-range controller and a pair of passive radiators to the side.
  • The driver fires downward, with a dispersion cone designed to spread sound a full 360 degrees.
  • That should give the same performance no matter where you put it and where it is.

HomePod mini features

  1. U1 chip for transfer
  2. Automatic stereo pairing
  3. Siri
  4. Intercom

HomePod mini has several functions:

  • Onboard it can recognize multiple voices, offer personalized daily updates, and discover smart home accessories thanks to integration with the Apple Home app.
  • You’ll control other smart home devices that you’ve set up within the Home app, so you can dim the lights and lock the doors. And also change the temperature.
  • Siri powers interaction, although you can tap the HomePod mini to adjust the volume.
  • Through Siri, you’ll get full voice control, letting needs for your music, from services like Apple Music, and in the future Amazon Music as well.
  • Cheers to the U1 chip in your iPhone. HomePod mini will know where you are, and you can seamlessly transfer your music to your HomePod mini when you walk through the door.
  • The mini will also have other abilities: when two are placing in the same room, they will routinely pair to form a stereo group to increase the music’s delivery. Of course, you will be able to play games on your
  • HomePod devices throughout your home.
  • HomePod Mini is also planning to serve everyone in your family, recognizing the voices of different people so you can provide a personalized experience.
  • There is also an intercom feature, which works similarly to Broadcast on the Amazon Echo, allowing you to talk between devices. However, as this connects to the Apple ecosystem, you will also be able to stream it to other Apple devices, so it cannot be ignoring when you call people for dinner.
  • It will support all the smart speaker features you would expect, such as melody fears, Find Me to help find your iPhone, Watch, iPad, or Mac, and it will smooth play ambient noises to help you relax.