Apple Watch

We are not going to rewrite the history of Apple watch comparison for you, and everyone knows the products of the brand such as iPad, iPhone, and computers.

Mac books continue to be a benchmark in office automation today. What we know least at the moment is the derivative product that is placed on the wrist, that is, the connected Apple watch.

Why buy an Apple Watch?

The healthcare industry has revolutionized the codes for connected watches, and Apple has got it right. That’s why versions of the Apple Watch are geared towards analyzing and tracking your body data.

  • One difference that we noticed is on the back of the Apple Watch with the number of sensors that are not the same.
  • We note that version 6 is a watch capable of performing an ECG on your wrist. We talk about Withings Watches that offer this type of functionality. With the Apple Watch 6, you can also take advantage of it.
  • A device to amount the oxygen level in the blood is also present in this high-end series.
  • On the SE model, you still have a heart rate measurement and an arrhythmia notification.
  • It is the least equipped series in terms of sensor because it does not have a fall detector or noise monitoring for the elderly.
  • If you observe for a watch to monitor your loved ones and complete daily tracking, it is better to choose an Apple Watch Series 6.

Should we invest in this sports watch?

  • Then, of course, yes, but watch out for the model. In the 6 and SE series, you have a watch with an altimeter always on and a built-in compass.
  • Attention, version 3 still has an altimeter but not permanent. Of course, you have access to the library of sports measurement tools and the GPS integrated.
  • In each of the watches allows you to measure its route, its speed, etc. In terms of use, it is also a good cardio watch to assess your daily physical condition.

Small differences between these three models

We have seen the main lines that separate these three Apple Watch, but in the details, we find other points of difference:

The processor power :

  • Of the series three has an S3 Bi-core that is starting to become limit. The SE series is on a 64-bit dual-core S5. Version 6 uses a 64-bit dual-core S6 for more power.

A difference in connectivity with Bluetooth:

  • 4.2 in series 3 and in the other series use of the chip that allows Bluetooth 5.0. Also, to know that the Apple Watch 6 can connect to 5 GHz WiFi.
  • It is an interesting point, for example, for the use of home automation in the house.
  • You should know that the clock is now compatible with Alexa, allowing you, in addition to your home echo dot, to control lighting or home surveillance remotely and by voice.
  • We also find only in version 6 a U1 chip implemented for future use of connected objects. For example, the remote start of the electric car or the management of motion detectors. However, Apple may be late because of the use of Alexa by a large number of users.
  • In terms of sound, the speakers are a bit more efficient. On the 6 and SE series for those who want to use the watch to make calls.
  • In terms of storage, we’re at 8GB for series 3. And 32GB of memory on version 6 of the watch and this.

How long does my Apple Watch connected watch last?

The batteries have not changed in the versions of this Apple Watch, and you still have the 18 hours announced by the brand.

  • The autonomy may vary depending on the use you make of it. For example, we understand that the sensors or GPS may require more resources, which will inevitably reduce the watch’s autonomy.
  • Apple has worked a lot on the battery since we look at the characteristics of the Apple Watch 6.
  • It remains advertised for 18 hours, which suggests an improvement in the battery of this watch.
  • Be careful not to compare a Polar Watch M400 or a Tomtom GPS Watch with more autonomy because we are not in the same product.
  • And the Apple Watch goes much further in the applications that it can offer, which will inevitably affect the battery.
  • Charging is always done by induction, and we notice a slight plus on the side of version 6 that seems faster.
  • You should have 80% refills in about an hour. Note that if you are afraid of running out of battery, a small USB charger can take you to the office to recharge your Apple Watch quickly.

How much does an Apple Watch cost?

The price varies by series, with an entry-level at 219 euros, and the most exclusive starts at 429 euros.

Below are the three models where you can choose the additional options that will necessarily increase the price.

Take into account the aesthetic choice around the bracelet that allows you to find both a smartwatch for women and men.

  • Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS + Cellular, 44mm).
  • Apple Watch SE (GPS, 40mm) Aluminum case.
  • Aluminum case for Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS).