In today’s time, roads play an important role in the growth of a country, state, and town. It helps to build strong connectivity between states to ease transportation and other services. Therefore, constructing strong roads is important, and geocells provide the needed strength for long-lasting road structures.

What is a geocell?

Geocell is a cellular system that creates a durable material to use for the stabilisation and protection of roads. It helps in maintaining the soil’s compaction to create a stronger structure. Here are some of the benefits of the geocells:

Soil Stability

Geocells in road construction restrain the soil by creating a 3D network structure in the soil. And, when this network is filled with aggregate material, the geocells confine the material, preventing it from shifting. So, in areas near the sea, lake, and river, the geocells are very useful to prevent soil erosion.

Reduction of Road Construction Cost

Geocells also help in reducing road construction costs without affecting the quality of construction and materials. It is because, with geocells, it becomes easy to build roads on softer subgrades. This also provides support for roadside slops. All in all, using geocells requires less labour and earthwork to build strong roads, making a cost-effective solution for cities, towns, and villages.

Prevent Lateral Erosion

Geocells can prevent lateral erosion on road slopes and embankments. The geocell structure can resist the erosion of rainwater and surface runoff. It helps protect the stability of the roadbed and prevents soil from being washed away, slowing down the roadbed’s degradation.

They have an interconnected cellular structure that helps hold soil, reducing the risk of surface runoff washing away soil particles. This containment prevents soil loss and helps maintain the integrity of road infrastructure. It helps in reducing maintenance costs and ensuring long-term stability.

Improved Drainage

Geocells help improve the drainage of roads. This helps drain water away from the surface. It is beneficial as it reduces the risk of flooding and protects the structure of drains and roads.

Geocell offers many amazing benefits and is becoming popular every day. This is a blessing in assisting road construction. Using geocell can save time and provide better results. Their technology helps in sturdy road construction, which is less prone to damage. It offers a longer lifetime value of roads.

By allowing easy water drainage, geocells prevent waterlogging. This helps reduce hydrostatic pressure buildup and minimises the risk of soil saturation failures.

Slope Protection

In road construction, geocells can protect slopes and prevent slope collapse and landslides. Reinforcing slopes with geocells can ensure terrain stability along roads and reduce safety risks caused by soil erosion and slope collapse. Moreover, geocells can provide vegetative growth within their cells. This is very helpful in further enhancing slope stability through root reinforcement.

In conclusion, we can say that using geocells in road construction is very beneficial for environment and road infrastructure. Also, it prevents soil erosion which makes it best solution for areas situated near river, lake, or sea.