Change Instagram Name

I will explain how to change the Instagram name in mobile and web versions. In this way, If you have tired of the username or want to try another to give the account a new address or identity, you can do it quickly and in a few steps.

The username serves to identify you even if you change the name that appears on the account.

But it is also using to link to your profile so that other people can find you in the search engine.

So, all user names have to be unique, and you can only change yours for another that no one uses.

How can we Change the username in the Instagram app?

  • The first thing you have to do in the mobile application is to enter your Instagram profile (1) by clicking on the bust icon at the bottom right, both in the Android and iOS versions.
  • Once in the profile, click on the Edit profile option (2) that you will see just below your description.
  • Once you are on the screen to modify your profile, you have to change what it says in the Username field, which you are using right now. Click on the field, delete the current username, and write the one you want to use.
  • If the username you have chosen is free, you will see a green symbol on the right, indicating that you can use it.
  • If it is not accessible, a negative symbol will appear, meaning that you have to look for another to change it. Once you have chosen the name, click on the ✓ accept button to apply the changes.

How to Change the username on the Instagram website?

In the webform of Instagram, the procedure is the same. The primary thing you need to do is click on your profile image at the top right, either the one that appears in miniature.

  • As we indicate in the screenshot or the one that seems a little more significant below.
  • Once you have entered your profile, where you can see all your publications, click on the Edit profile button that you will see precisely to your username’s right.
  • You will go directly to the Edit profile section within the Instagram settings on the web. Here, change the name in the Username field to the new username you want to use.
  • Once the name has been changed, click on the Send button below on the same website. If the username is free, you can proceed and have changed it.

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