A Dangerous Business Travel Blog Amanda Williams of the blog “A Dangerous Business” visited Alta in February as part of a Northern Norway tour with Marie-Eve Vallieres of “To Europe & Beyond.”

Despite the fact that the weather was not always ideal after all, it never stopped their travels because there were good sports and had a fantastic time.

Since starting my blog in 2010, I have traveled to more than 50 countries on six continents from my home base in Ohio, and has been featured by major publications and websites like AFAR, The Huffington Post, and USA Today Travel.” (Learn more about Amanda William and a dangerous business travel blog here).

Best of Dangerous Business ideas in 2023

As someone who keeps a list of the business clichés that I dislike the most, there is a new contender for frontrunner. No, it’s not “out of pocket,” “best of breed,” “rock star,” or another one of those overused phrases. This one is more biting, and more dangerous too. It’s also wrong. So here it is: “everyone is replaceable.”

Best of Dangerous Business ideas in 2023

It doesn’t take much to imagine where this cliché comes from. It can be an effective shield (or weapon) when there is a perception that employees begin to think too highly of themselves or make unreasonable demands. In a 2016 New York Times interview by Adam Bryant, a CEO recalled working for his grandfather:

“He used to do this thing called the bucket test. He would argue with one of his employees and call me in and say, “Get a bucket of water.” So I’d bring the bucket of water to the room, and he’d say, “… put your hand in the water.”

Then I’d take it out, and he’d say to his employee, “See that hole … left in the water? That’s the hole you’ll leave when you leave here.”

Travel Bloggers

With absolutely no experience on website design, blogging, and writing for an audience, we started Earth Trekkers in February 2014.

Immediately, I realised how much work this would be. It took days to develop a design and a flow for the website. I figured writing a blog post would take an hour or two. Boy, was I wrong. It takes hours to write a post (and now, sometimes, I spend days, yes, days, writing a single post). How would I do this and travel and home school Tyler and Kara?

Travel Bloggers

I spent the months before the trip writing about our past travels, just so we had some content on the website. Some of those posts are still here and some have become quite popular, such as hiking to Trolltunga and Kjeragbolten in Norway.

And that was one of the first lessons we learned about travel blogging. We write about everything we do. We advertise where we are going. You all will know if something goes wrong when we travel, whether or not it’s our fault. So I feel like there’s this extra pressure on us to travel well, not to miss anything, and not to screw up. As travel bloggers, we are supposed to know what we are doing, right? Well, haha, that’s not always the case.

Adventure Travel Itineraries

A travel itinerary is best described as a preset or pre-planned vacation. These pre-planned vacations are normally structured. Some travel itineraries are organized hour-to-hour. If it helps, think of a travel itinerary as a schedule. Each day of the trip will have pre-organized experiences and/or activities.

We don’t blame you. Travel itineraries do the hard work for you. An itinerary saves you the time and effort of finding tourist-friendly activities. However, they do involve a lot of pre-planning.

Adventure Travel Itineraries

Whether you are creating the itinerary yourself or hiring a third party to design it for you, there is a lot of effort involved. This effort is typically put in before your departure.

It is necessary that you start your travel itinerary well before your vacation. This is because travel itineraries require research, planning and organizing ahead of time.

An Interview with Amanda Williams – A Dangerous Business

Meet Amanda Williams of A Dangerous Business, a travel publisher who took the plunge into blogging full time. We’re so excited to sit down with her and chat about her journey.

I live just south of Cleveland, Ohio, with my husband and our furbaby, a ginger cat named Weasley. I’m a full-time travel blogger, and spend a lot of time traveling and blogging.

An Interview with Amanda Williams - A Dangerous Business

When I’m not doing either of those things, I enjoy watching bad TV, being outdoors, and finding fun fitness classes to try (currently tap dancing, kickboxing, and yoga are all on the weekly schedule!).

In my former, pre-blogging life, I worked full-time at a small newspaper as a copy editor. I had a lot of downtime at work, and also found myself needing some creative outlet since you don’t get to do much writing when you’re a copy editor.

I started my blog as a hobby in 2010, not knowing a single thing about SEO or social media, let alone that people were actually out there making money from blogging. It wasn’t until I decided to go back to school to get a master’s degree (2012-13) that I started to think of my blog as a potential business.


Amanda Williams is the award-winning blogger behind A. Dangerous Business, a travel blog that aims to inspire people to fit more travel and adventure into the. The first danger to consider when traveling for business is theft. Business travellers have higher odds of having their luggage stolen or lost