Motorcycle accidents are unfortunate because they often result in major damage and injuries. In Houston, while the most common reasons behind motorcycle accidents are reckless driving and the negligence of the rider, there are times when the accident occurs because of someone else’s negligence.

For instance, while riding in Houston, you witness a person trying to cross the road, and you try to warn them, but they do not stop. This type of negligence causes harm to both parties, but the blame is often shifted to the rider. To avoid legal hassles and claim the compensation you deserve, you must hire a motorcycle accident lawyer in Houston almost immediately after the accident.

According to various reports, Houston is said to be the worst city in Texas to witness motorcycle accidents. The statistics of motorcycle accidents and on-the-spot deaths are increasing every year. This is why the Texas Department of Transportation is very strict about road accident cases and allows heavy settlement claims.

What Factors Does a Lawyer Consider While Claiming a Settlement in a Motorcycle Accident Case?

The sooner you hire a legal professional after encountering an accident, the easier it becomes to gather evidence and statements from witnesses and file a settlement claim covering the expenses for every type of damage you have encountered. Legal professionals have their ways of dealing with such cases, but you must be aware of the factors considered before claiming a settlement.

Severity of the Injuries You Have Suffered

Determining the severity of your injuries is a primary factor. Your lawyer wants to make sure of the type of injuries you have suffered. Settlement claims are low for minor injuries and damages; however, when you suffer from major injuries and damages, these claims can get unexpectedly high. Thus, the damages and the injuries are integral to the case.

Whether You are Sharing Fault

To be on the safe side, your lawyer will always want to be sure whether you are sharing fault. It is best to be honest and pay attention to every detail of the incident so your lawyer can find strong evidence to support the claims. The opposing party and the insurance company can go to every extent to shift the blame and cancel the settlement claim.

Insurance Coverage

A lawyer determines the insurance coverage your company has agreed to pay and the amounts you can expect in liability insurance. A legal professional has in-depth knowledge of insurance policies imposed by the state and how much the parties can claim after encountering road accidents.

Valuation of the Case

Fulfilling a settlement claim means asking for the money you deserve to mend the damages, pay medical bills, and live a normal life. Every motorcycle accident case has a valuation, and a person without legal knowledge can’t calculate it adequately. A lawyer calculates all your losses, including property damages and personal injuries, and helps you ask for a deserving amount that will be sufficient to return to a normal life.

Presence of Evidence and Witnesses

A lawyer never files a lawsuit without gathering strong pieces of evidence. Your lawyer will first find all the supporting facts and documents that will help you win the case. A legal professional can easily gather witness statements and other supporting evidence compared to an unprofessional one, so it becomes easier to fight for the claim.

Bottom Line

After encountering a motorcycle accident, every step must be taken carefully to avoid legal troubles and the chance of filing a lawsuit. After you have the support of a legal professional, there is no fear of blame-shifting or your claims being rejected by the insurance company.