Control Game

How can we control the game? We have thousands of games available for Windows. The library is imposing.

The problem is that games ask for more and more hardware requirements, and we must have everything very controlled when playing.

That is why you must know how to control computer resources while playing.

How to control my computer resources while I play?

  • Xbox Game Bar is a Windows app integrated into the operating system and turns out to be extremely useful for many things.
  • Among which is included the possibility of controlling the performance of our computer while we play.
  • Accessing the Xbox Game Bar while we play is extremely easy. Just by pressing the Windows key + G, we can open its widgets.
  • In this way we can see our friends, we have a section dedicated to audio and performance that interests us on this occasion.

How to check system performance while gaming?

  • From the Task Manager, we can verify which program is using more resources.
  • However, opening it while playing can sometimes be difficult or ruin our gaming experience.
  • In this case, the Resource and Performance Monitor of the Xbox Game Bar comes into play.
  • When starting the game bar, we will be able to appreciate several widgets.
  • One of these is the performance monitor that offers us an overview of the use of CPU, RAM, GPU, and VRAM.
  • In terms of the resource monitor, we can see the running applications and how much they are consuming from our computer.

How to Control resource consumption in Windows when I play?

  • We can also customize the widgets by clicking the settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Among the available options, we find the frequency with which we want to update or pause it.
  • We also have options such as window transparency, color, percentages, values, etc.
  • As you can see, Xbox Game Bar is a tool that can be extremely useful.
  • By pressing Win + G while we have the game open, we can enjoy all these advantages and even several more.
  • Among which is the possibility of recording while we play, ideal for making gameplays, among other things.

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