If you are an auto dealer or someone who deals with high-risk businesses, you know that getting a merchant account can be difficult and time-consuming. However, there is a way to get these accounts so your business can grow and thrive as quickly as possible. With this, you will get the benefits of a merchant account, including the ability to accept credit card payments online, access to quick and easy payment processing methods, and much more.  This blog article discusses getting the best high-risk processing merchant account for your automotive business.

5 Ways To Get A High-Risk Merchant Account For Automotive Business

5 Ways To Get A High-Risk Merchant Account For Automotive Business

Getting an Automotive Merchant Account is a high-risk move, as your business will need to be very profitable to build a good credit history. It is also not an easy process; it costs thousands of dollars in fees, and you’ll most likely have to apply again and again until you find the right fit for your automotive business. When you are searching for a high-risk merchant account for your automotive business, the following is a list of considerations to get made to ensure that you get the best possible rates:

1. Prepare A Well-Rounded Business Plan

Creating a business plan for a car dealership is one of the options that you have to take to get a merchant account for your automotive business. Setting up a business plan allows you to better understand the goals and objectives of your automotive industry and projects and find out how much money you need to start your car dealership. A well-rounded business plan will help you determine what type of financial aid you can apply for when launching your car dealership. It will also allow you to change your goals, such as expanding or changing how you promote specific products and services.

2. Proven Track Records And Good References

A proven track record and good references are among the best ways to get a high-risk merchant account for your automotive business. Some banks only grant merchant accounts to companies with positive track records. If you have gotten rejected for a merchant account in the past, it is doubtful that you will be able to get one from an established bank this time if you don’t have any previous success stories. However, you can also gain access to these accounts through referrals. However, most of them will require the successful completion of best credit card payment processors, which will provide you with more critical timelines for closing deals and higher rates for those who have previously had accounts on your behalf.

3. A Detailed Financial Analysis Of Your Business

It would help if you had a detailed financial analysis of your business before applying for financing or getting a merchant account. A good example is that you must have an expected profit margin based on the sales and expenses of your business, as well as loan requirements and payment schedule. It will also allow you to compare your business against similar companies and estimate how your profits will grow over time.

4. Have The Sales History That Supports The Amount Of Revenue

A high-risk merchant account is crucial to starting a new auto part manufacturing business. A high-risk merchant account means you will have to offer higher levels of security regarding how you collect payments and what the customer provides information. A sales history supporting the revenue required for such a riskier merchant account offers a challenging opportunity but increases your chances of getting the high-risk merchant account.

5. Show The Cash Flow Your Business Has Created Over The Years

When you are running your business, to prove that you have created a high income over the year, it is essential to show the cash flow or the profit. This way, you can show that you have been doing well in your business. It helps to increase the credibility of your business credentials. It will inform the lender how much money has got produced during this period, and the profits will help them make an informed decision about your business.

What Makes An Automotive Business High Risk?

High-risk industries have the potential to have a high rate of failure. They are risky because they will fail if the business can’t make money. It is due to their payment model, which can cause high chargebacks on the business. However, it is tough to predict how long it could last when you have some success and what percentage of that success would be sustainable.

What Makes An Automotive Business High Risk_


Getting a high-risk merchant account for your automotive business can be an extremely lucrative investment. Many factors determine whether a merchant account is high-risk. The ones most important to you as an auto business owner will likely vary depending on your industry and product line. But regardless of those factors, there is probably at least one high-risk merchant account option that would be perfect for your business. So if you’re ready to take your automotive industry to the next level, don’t hesitate to contact one of our specialists about the options available. They will also give your business access to unique financing options and benefits specific to this type of account.