Around 88% of people would like to hire a professional to help them look for the right home. Professional realtors have a high understanding of the market and the much-needed experience in finding the perfect property for every individual.

Usually, the main concern for first-time homebuyers is how to choose a realtor that will help them through the process of finding the right house and other important tasks. For that reason, make sure you review the top six steps below to make your search a success.

Infographic on 10 steps to choosing a real estate agent when selling your home
By HomeLight Homes

Right Realtor

Reviews From Past Clients Matter

Reviews are a valuable resource when you’re looking for a new agent. You can find reviews and testimonials online on various websites.

Agents who have few or no reviews are a red flag. This indicates that the agent is new, unproven, or has little or no online presence.

Reviews are a good way of gauging how satisfied customers are, but receiving constant complaints or negative feedback can be worrying. These reviews should always be taken into consideration.

These are some of the most common negative comments you should consider when looking into a potential realtor:

  • The realtor pressured the client into signing a listing agreement or buyer’s agency agreement;
  • The realtor rushed the client into making an offer;
  • The realtor took too long for a house to be sold or forced the client to accept a lower offer;
  • The realtor seemed lazy and uninterested in clients’ concerns, and didn’t return calls and texts;
  • The realtor failed to negotiate a contract.

Look for a Full-Time Realtor

Both homebuyers and sellers deserve to work with an experienced and dedicated realtor. If you want to find a realtor who will be available to you throughout the day, look for one that has a full-time status. When buying a house, you also need to do regular check-ups and follow-ups with your realtor. If they work 8-hour shifts, this would be a lot easier.

Make sure you call regularly to check on potential offers on the market. You can even send a text or an email and check for a reply. See whether your realtor replies fast or you’re waiting too long for an answer. The right realtor will be invested in you and make sure to contact you soon.

Look for a Full-Time Realtor

Ask Friends and Family

If you are looking for a realtor, one of the best ways to find the right one is by asking friends and family for recommendations. You can ask about their experience with the realtor, what they like about them, and if they would recommend them.

Utilize Social Media

Social media is an important marketing tool for realtors. It allows them to reach potential clients and build their brand. If you want to find a good local realtor on social media platforms, look for one that posts regular informative content about the real estate market, and one that has lots of followers.

Check their comments, likes, and engagement. A good realtor will make sure to interact with followers by providing valuable advice on the market and leaving contact information for consultations. Plenty of realtors use social media platforms such as Facebook, as a go-to place to promote themselves, so start your search from there.

Always Look for a Local Realtor

The real estate market changes overnight, and it varies depending on the area where you live. That’s why hiring a local realtor is more important than hiring the best one in your entire state. A local realtor is also easier to get ahold of as they usually have offices nearby. Not to mention they have more free time than all the famous realtors you follow on social media. A local realtor will be able to give you their full attention and look for the best offer on the market for you.

See if Their Personality Suits You

The personality of your realtor will also play a big role in the final purchase. There are outgoing realtors who want to sell you a house and will do anything to persuade you. On the other hand, there are the ones who will give you time to think about the offer and go over all the pros and cons with you. Depending on your preference, make sure you do the right choice, as buying a house is not a minor event that should be taken lightly.

Bottom Line

A great realtor will always be available for their clients, whether it is to answer questions or just help with legal paperwork. They will also provide emotional support. They are very well versed in the latest technological advances in the industry and can advise on what would be best for the client’s needs.