There are a lot of different jobs in the tech field, and a lot of different fields that you can work in. However, before you can take all of the advantages of a job in the tech field you need a great resume. With all the jobs and all the competition in the world of technology, you need to have an amazing resume in order to stand out in the field among all the applicants. 

Here’s all you need to know about building the resume that will always get you noticed by your employers! And that will hopefully lead to you getting hired for your dream tech job!

List Out All Your Information At The Top, With Bullet Points

The best resumes will give your employers everything they need to know right away about you, your skills, and what you can provide for the company all right away. So make sure that everything you need to know about your skills and how you can help the company, all without the reader needing to go through a lot of flowery language or extra content. 

Additionally, you should try to use bullet points or a numbered list to display your information rather than long paragraphs that the employer needs to read through to get to the information they care about. So if you have skills, bullet them and show them off first thing, because that is going to be what prospective employers look at.

Add A Bit Of Personality

One of the biggest problems that people have with making resumes for the technology field (along with making resumes in general) is that they also focus solely on their work and everything else is secondary. You aren’t just a machine that is all about degrees and what programming languages you know and how you can help this company get everything they need.

You are also a human being, so don’t be afraid to make some points on your resume that talk about who you are. While you don’t want to go too far into your personal life on a resume, a few personal anecdotes can keep employers happy because they don’t see them very often.

Use a Pre-Built Resume Template, But Customize It

While you might find that it is hard to build a professional resume, it can also be hard to make that resume stand out among a literal sea of applications. One of the best things that you can do is to build a resume using a resume template, but don’t stop there. While a website like is very good for getting a resume started and can give you a lot of ideas, you will want to customize it and make your resume your own.

Because a pre-built resume is something that will get you part of the way, but those in the tech field have seen pre-built resumes over and over. So you need to make sure that yours is custom, even if you choose to stick to the template, make it your own. Change some things around, add your personality to it, and make sure that it is interesting to read.

Keep Trying Your Resume Out

Finally, even if you have the best resume in the world, you might not get the first job you ask for, or the second or the third. Even if your resume needs some tweaking, the best thing to do is keep sending your resume out, and eventually, you are going to hear back from the one company that thought your resume was perfect!