Custom trade show booths are an excellent way to draw visitors to your brand. However, the design matters, and you want to win as many prospects as possible. There are various ways to make your shop stand out, and a professional trade fair planner can help. With Tradeshow Exhibit Planner Services, you avoid mistakes and save time for other essential tasks.

Here are tips to guide you in customizing your trade show display:

1. Use creative visuals

Images speak a thousand words, and you want to create the best impression on your customers. Therefore, use engaging and attractive images, graphics, and colors to entice attendees to visit your trade booth.

Catchy imagery will speak volumes before discussing your products and services and leave a clear image of what your brand does. Also, use the proper graphics to match your products, and have the visuals say it all! Remember to keep your design clutter-free. Too many graphics and text will lead to distractions. Have a professional design of your booth with minimal images that have clear messages.

2. Consistency is vital! Maintain brand consistency

It would help if you made your brand stick in the customer’s mind, so be keen on your logo, colors, and graphics. Your brand image will evoke certain customer emotions and thoughts days or weeks later. Therefore, choose the most suitable Custom Tradeshow Booth Design and use the right brand images to create the desired brand awareness. This way, potential clients will relate to your brand and buy your products. In short, have your branding make a significant image on your prospects.

3. The more significant the graphics, the better!

The Rise Exhibits & Environments team will advise that you design your booth with the right images and colors. But the size of the graphics also matters. Use bigger images, for these are visible from a distance and will attract attendees. With smaller designs, clients will need help to read the message, making you miss out on opportunities.

This is yet another reason why you should work with a professional company. They will help you choose what suits your business and choose the right colors and graphics.

4. Be keen on height limitations

Most trade fairs have limitations on booth heights, and you should be keen on this. Many limit what you can display in the booth and the height. For instance, if your company deals with bulky items like furniture or tech appliances, you must adhere to the requirements. Also, place bigger or taller items at the back of your display to allow free movement. Leave room for visitors to move in and out without overcrowding.


Your trade fair display can make or ruin your success. You want to give potential clients the best experience, and you can achieve this with the correct display. Consider custom designs from leading providers and have your display stand out. Also, share crucial company details, such as contacts, email addresses, or your website. This way, you stay in touch with customers, and they will quickly reach out.