BEST WAYS TO INCREASE THE VALUE OF YOUR PROPERTY:  It is no secret that the investment you make in your own home will be the most important investment in your life. Buying and maintaining your own property will not only protect your money against inflation, but it will prove to be a valuable asset to pass on to your children who, increasingly, will not be able to purchase their own home as they are increasingly priced out of the market.

As a result, the more you can improve and enhance your current home, and add to its value, the more you will all benefit – not just in terms of the resale value, but also in terms of making the most of the space available to you and making it into a great space for your family.

We’ve highlighted three key areas which should be ripe for improvement which will both allow you to expand your living accommodation as your family expands and will give your home that ‘wow’ factor that will add 000s to its value.

Add a garden room


While the working from home diktats of covid have long since been disbanded, many companies have continued with the practice of allowing people to work from home either permanently, or in a hybrid format. For millions of employees across the western world this allows them to find a better work life balance, saving hours and thousands of pounds on commuting costs, and organising their day around children, structuring their own work hours to suit family life, rather than working hours dictating your daily structure.

To achieve this successfully, having a dedicated working space is important, to ensure that your focus is wholly on work, rather than getting distracted by domestic requirements.

Garden rooms are the perfect solution.

Between January and May 2021, the sales of garden rooms increased in the UK by 500 per cent, and can add as much as 1.5 times their installation cost to the overall value of your property. With the variety of models available in the market, there is no guarantee of an immediate impact, but making sure that you choose the right model for you will improve your overall lifestyle, with potential changes for use in the future adding to its lure.

Improve kerb appeal and car parking capacity with a new driveway

As families grow, so do the number of cars on the driveway. Parking spaces can be at such a premium, particularly in busy city centres. Maximising the car parking capacity of your home while still enhancing its kerb appeal will give your property a double whammy in terms of increased value.

Approach your front garden space as a landscaping project, using materials and planting that will enhance and elevate your property. A resin bound driveway bordered and softened by clever planting could increase the car parking capacity of your property by up to 300 per cent without compromising its aesthetic appeal.

Add another ‘layer’ top or bottom (or both)

Many properties have a raft of under utilised space already within its four walls. Do you have a basement which is currently languishing unused, providing a sanctuary for nothing but spiders and long forgotten boxes? Do you have an attic filled with old schoolbooks and broken toys that you cannot bear to part with. Both spaces provide a wealth of untapped living space which could make a real difference to your family. Whether you need an additional bedroom or two, a teenage retreat where they can play their music and hang out with their friends without being disturbed (or disturbing you) or simply a dedicated working space, then tanking out your basement, or converting your attic into a separate space may be expensive, by could add much than that its original cost to the overall value of your property.