Instagram Icon

On Instagram Icon, you can browse through different icons.

Why know the different icons?

Because it helps you use the application correctly and know in advance the options you have at your disposal.

On the other pointer, Instagram is indeed updating quite often. Even those who have been on this social network. For longer are likely to be unaware of some functionalities linked to icons.

Are you ready?


Instagram Icons:

  • Learning to Navigate IG

Home button:

  • You find it in the lower-left corner.
  • While you see the main feed here, you can also view active Instagram stories at the top of the page.
  • Do the stories appear at the top in that order.
  • The IG (Instagram) algorithm determines which accounts interest you the most.

How do you know IG?

It distinguishes those accounts you interact with frequently and shows them to you first.

Instagram is updated quite often, and even those who have been in this social network. For the longest is likely to be unaware of some functionalities related to icons.


If you have your business on Instagram, you need to know how to do market research.
Tap up the magnifying glass located next to the house icon to search for content of interest to you.

When you touch the search icon, 3 options appear:

  1. Search people,
  2. Hashtags (tags)
  3. Places

You can write a keyword and see the general results for people, hashtags, or places.

For example: if you sell handicrafts, you can write the term “handicrafts,” You will see -based on that keyword-: people, hashtags, or places that include it.

Add a photo:

Altogether you have to touch the ” + ” sign that has a square around it.

  • You can record a video or take a photo and upload it right away.
  • You can also do upload content from your camera roll.
  • Eye! The Videos can only be up to one minute long.
  • What if you have a longer video?
  • No problem!
  • What you can do is use the Carousel feature that allows you to add up to a maximum of 10 videos (up to a minute long each)

Heart Icon:

It shows you the “likes,” comments, and followers of the people you follow and follow you.

  • You can turn those “likes” and “comments” into healthy relationships with your community
  • In other words: Do you notice that someone always likes your posts?
  • Or someone who leaves you exciting comments on your posts?
  • It’s an excellent opportunity for you to comment on some of their posts to go to their feed.
  • It is a small gesture that shows that you are interested in maintaining genuine relationships with your followers.


Do you want to go to your feed?


Tap your avatar in the lower right corner.

  1. Your feed
  2. Your featured stories
  3. Edit your profile

Camera (stories):

  • Touch the camera icon in the upper right corner when you want to add photos or videos to your Instagram history.
  • You can take a photo or swipe right to record a video.

Direct Message (Paper Plane):

  • Also known as DM, it’s in the upper right corner (You see it if you press the house icon first)
  • You can also search for keywords to quickly find past conversations.
  • Of course, you don’t need to spend all day looking at your DMs.
  • But I suggest you do it when you upload a story on IG because it is in your DMs inbox where the messages arrive when people comment on your accounts.

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