Whether you are an adult studying for a mid-life degree or a teen who is dealing with weekly homework assignments, nobody likes having to study. From small homework assignments to large-scale exam work or self-guided tests, it can be an exhausting process to go through.

However, there are services out there that offer to assist with these tasks – mostly by getting your studying and homework done for you by real experts. But is this actually a safe thing to do, especially if your grades could be on the line?

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The biggest concern you might have about getting someone else to do your school work is that you will get caught plagiarizing. This is, of course, a major no-no at any level of education, but once you are out of grade school, it can end up being a serious reputation killer.

In the worst cases, it could even cost you your entire degree, or worse – you might lose your chance at further education entirely. Copying somebody else’s work and claiming it as your own is a serious risk, and part of the reason that you can’t simply duplicate an essay from the internet.

However, many “do-my-homework services” are not actually just ripping information from other sites. Whether they have in-house experts handling the work or are outsourcing it to somebody else, they are getting a real person to write each essay, which means a very low chance of plagiarism.


Another massive concern is how accurate the research is. After all, certain services are simply going to be independent writers wanting to make some easy money by writing student essays, and that does not guarantee that they know what they are talking about.

Working with experts is different. You will often have a chat with the person who is going to handle your work so that you can discuss things such as the topic, the level of detail you want in the work, the word count, and other specific details.

This might be more costly if you are paying for a service like this, but a well-connected service or specialist may be able to hand off the project to somebody who knows what they are talking about. That means higher accuracy and far fewer mistakes overall.


There is no denying that this kind of service relies on your own ethics swinging a certain way. For a lot of people, having somebody else do your homework or study essays is unfair, especially once you are in a more serious level of education.

On the other hand, for those who are unable to complete the work and are still able to succeed academically, there is the argument that outsourcing essays that do not actually mean anything to your overall education doesn’t really matter.

This is entirely up to you, and there are no right or wrong answers here. At the end of the day, if you would not be writing the essay yourself, then working with a specialist is still a safer option than risking an experimental option like AI generation.

Services like https://paysomeonetodomyhomework.com/ are able to assist with anything from simple essays to whole courses and are a perfect example of how these services can thrive. If it is something you have been considering, do not hesitate to give services like this a closer look in your own time.