Great Sites to Fix a Book Search by a Subject R/Whatsthatbook

Introduction: R/Whatsthatbook Looking for information about R/Whatsthatbook? Your search can end here because we are going to provide you with the best information related to R/Whatsthatbook. Keep reading to learn more about R/Whatsthatbook. The word R/Whatsthatbook is nothing, but it is the username of a Reddit account where you will find all the information related to Albedo, a five-star character from Genshin Impact. The R/Whatsthatbook Reddit account was created on November 12, 2022. The R/Whatsthatbook also has a discord account with the name albedo, and here is the direct link to the R/Whatsthatbook discord account.

What Is r/whatsthatbook

Have you ever found yourself gutting the title of a book you read over ten years ago? Or maybe you overheard a chat about a book that seemed incredible, but you never understood the title or author? When a thorough Google exploration doesn’t help, you start describing the plot to friends, family, coworkers, and sometimes the cashier at your local grocery store. Unfortunately, they don’t always have the response moreover. Wouldn’t it be nice if there stood thousands of persons waiting to hear the vague account of your mystery book so you could solve your literary white whale? Fortunately, r/whatsthatbook is here for you.

So I’m looking for a book that I read I believe around 2012-2014 and it’s a YA fiction, about a girl who I think moves to a small town and meets a boy who is mysterious and she falls in love with him . r/whatsthatbook  He also seems to reciprocate, but he won’t kiss her or any form of activity that involves exchanging bodily fluids. r/whatsthatbook  This seems to be the mystery surrounding the boy as he appears to be ill and undergoing treatment which we then find out in the later book that he has HIV. r/whatsthatbook I can’t seem to find the book or remember the title or the characters if anyone knows of a book with a similar plot that would be so helpful. Maybe a possible blurb will trigger everything

Google Books

Google Books works the same way as Google’s main search engine. It has a library of digitized books. So when you search for a book by its plot, it performs the search in seconds and presents you with the appropriate results from among millions of books.

Google Books

If you need an in-depth analysis, you can access Google’s advanced book search, which allows you to narrow your search by mentioning details such as the name of the publisher, the title of the book and the subject. . Even if you half remember the title of the book, you’ll probably be able to find what you’re looking for.

GoodReads: What’s the Name of That Book?

GoodReads has a group called, “What’s the name of this book?” You can post a rapid of a book’s plot or story, and people will jump at the chance to help you find the title.

GoodReads_ What's the Name of That Book_

Be sure to mention the genre of the book and its plot details in your post. Without this info, it can be quite difficult for users to give their suggestions. Saying when you read it or the year it was published can make it even easier to find the book without also knowing its title.


TripFiction lets you match a location to a book. It features novels, travelogues and memoirs from around the world. Whether you’re going on leave and want to read about something happening in that destination, or want to transport yourself to another country through the power of words, TripFiction has you covered.


Books are rated founded not only on their content, but also on their location accuracy. This means you can search for the books that give you a truly authentic travel knowledge. You can similarly check the books against other book appraisal websites to get more opinions.



WhichBook is a mood-driven book suggestion web app for when you need the right book for your mood. Simply go to the site and select the Books by Mood & Emotion tab to get started. Here you can use the sliders to describe the type of mood you are looking for. WhichBook will then adjust your suggestions accordingly, helping you find books that match your tastes.

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