In the modern world of business, competitiveness is one of the key factors. Today, the exponential rise of the internet and e-commerce has led to a situation where any business with an online presence needs to compete in a global marketplace. Today’s consumers are fully prepared to purchase goods and services from international traders if the price is competitive and the delivery can be fulfilled in a reasonable period. This globally connected world has resulted in all forms of business needing to look for intelligent ways to maximize profitability so that they can compete on a global scale.

In addition, another key factor in modern business is that economic growth is slowing down in many developed countries. There is an emerging cost of living crisis that is negatively impacting on the purchasing power of millions of citizens. This is combining with other economic factors, such as high inflation levels to slow growth levels across a wide range of industries and has resulted in the stagnation of many leading European and world economies.

The need for new businesses to stimulate the economy and facilitate growth has never been greater in modern times. Entrepreneurs and business leaders must seek to create new enterprises that create jobs and increase the spending power of local populations so that the economy can be stimulated once more. In this article, four specific small business ideas will be described in detail. Each of them has the potential to boost local economies and foster meaningful growth if the businesses remain successful and competitive.

Freelance Shipping Firm

Global capitalism and worldwide supply chains rely on the smooth and efficient shipping of goods. Put simply, the shipping and order fulfillment stage of business is one of the most important facets of modern business. Low-cost shipping solutions can increase the profit margins for a wide range of businesses, and this increased profitability directly benefits the economy. Currently, the shipping and logistics industry is enjoying a period of sustained growth post-covid, and this makes the industry a logical entry point for new small businesses.

In addition, the global transportation of goods is now developing to adopt more ecologically sustainable business practices, which is excellent news as the world starts to show visible signs of an emerging climate crisis. Freelance shipping firms can be set up by entrepreneurs who seek to keep their operating costs low without the need to invest in a vast fleet of vehicles. The freelance model of shipping works by posting shipping work online on job boards, creating a situation where there can be hundreds of jobs available for freelance drivers. These drivers then bid on the work being offered, with the most competitive bid securing the job and then fulfilling the delivery. A successful freelance shipping firm can generate meaningful levels of income for hundreds of drivers who register with the company. This income is then injected into local economies, thus fuelling growth.

App development

If you are an entrepreneur with highly developed coding and IT skills, then you may consider utilizing this knowledge to build apps for smartphones and computers that help to stimulate economic growth. In 2020, over 2 billion apps were downloaded by the global population to smartphones, and these apps covered a vast range of functions from entertainment to education.

As a growing proportion of the world’s population owns smartphones and IT equipment, the demand for useful apps will continue to increase. One of the key ways that apps can stimulate the economy is when productivity applications are created. This type of app allows both businesses and individuals to use their time more efficiently. In business, this can lead to increased productivity and improved profitability. Put simply, by developing successful apps that allow the global population to become more productive, you will be driving economic growth on a global scale. The most popular apps are downloaded by hundreds of millions of consumers, and by charging a relatively small price to purchase the app, your business may be able to make considerable levels of revenue.

Eco-friendly building firms

The construction industry is a sector of business that typically enjoys long-term growth. This is because the global population is growing rapidly, and this leads to increased demand for homes and services to be built. In 2022 the global population surpassed 8 billion, and it is expected to rise to 10 billion before the end of the decade. Creating a building firm is, therefore, likely to enjoy continued demand for its services in the near future. In addition, building firms need to employ a range of skilled and semi-skilled workers to deliver the building projects.

This stimulates the local economy by providing jobs and a source of income for the nearby population. In 2023, there is an increasing drive to transform the building industry into an eco-friendlier industry. The use of sustainably sourced building materials is becoming commonplace, and clients are now looking to contract building firms that can demonstrate their environmentally friendly credentials. Put simply, the demand for eco-friendly building firms is likely to grow in the foreseeable future, and moving into this area of business is beneficial for both the local economy and the long-term viability of the planet itself.

Telehealth services

The telehealth sector has experienced impressive growth in the last decade. It is predicted to record an extremely impressive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32.1% between 2021 and 2028. The recent covid pandemic demonstrated the importance of telehealth services to treat patients from remote settings while still ensuring optimum levels of clinical care. As patients and healthcare professionals needed to adopt social distancing and restrictions were placed on the movement of citizens, this new form of assessment and monitoring proved to be invaluable.

Today, it is an attractive option for the creation of new small businesses that have the expertise and technical innovation to operate in this sector. It can be a key driver for stimulating the economy as telehealth services have been demonstrated to improve health outcomes for the populations they serve. A healthier population is more likely to be able to work for a full career span and thus generate money for the local economy while benefiting from higher standards of living.