The future of the automobile industry lies in the hands of ” Electric Vehicles”. To make them operative, it is essential to stay abreast with all the latest trends in EV charging. In this exclusive guide, you will get all the details on top EV charging trends that are reshaping the EV charging industry. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Top 4 Technology Trends In EV Charging

EV charging is reforming quite fast. So, it’s important to know the recent advancements that are going to transform this industry completely.

Plug And Charge

The Plug and Charge system is similar to Tesla charging, where you can plug your EV vehicle into the charger and get the bill without any prior identification or hassle. If you are looking for a Tesla supercharger in Boston, type ‘charging stations Boston’ on the map of your Tesla and locate the nearby unit to charge it quickly.

Currently, the non-Tesla chargers require the driver to identify himself/herself and the whole process takes a little time to complete. Moreover, the process varies with the charging service provider.

With the Plug and Charge trend, there will be no hassle of verification, and drivers can charge their EVs at any station quickly. It will streamline the whole process.

Smart EV Charging

With smart EV charging, users and providers can adjust the timing, output, and duration of the overall charging process without any hassle. This whole system can be successful with proper data sharing between charging stations, service providers, electric vehicles, and electricity providers.

There are two prime approaches in the Smart EV charging namely, UMC and SMC. Let us discuss them in detail.

UMC (User-Managed Charging)

In this approach, the user or driver will control the charging parameters. He/she can select the apt charging time at the lowest price according to his/her convenience.

SMC (Supplier-Managed Charging)

In this approach, the EV charging service provider will adjust the charging parameters according to the given situation. For example, the provider can restrict charging for proper grid balancing and avoid any overloading on the network.

V2g (Vehicle-To-Grid) Technology

The V2G technology refers to giving back energy to the grid when necessary. In theory, the drivers will be able to charge the vehicles when the cost of the charging is low and give some energy back to the grid in case of any requirement. This is possible because electric vehicles will act as electricity storage units that can be used to store energy and return it to the grid whenever it is necessary.

With this trend in place, you will be able to charge your vehicle at night and supply back some energy to the grid in the morning. The smart system will be able to sense the overall capacity and take only the necessary amount so that there is enough capacity left in your EV with which you can perform your routine operations. Moreover, you will earn rewards for returning the energy to the grid through your EV.

However, there are some concerns associated with the real-life adaptation of the technology. The higher frequency of charging and discharging the EV will affect the life of the battery. In addition to this, it will be challenging for the system to judge the future trip of the driver while consuming energy from the vehicle and giving it back to the grid.

Shift To OCPP 2.0.1

The new version of the protocol comes with several perks. It will come with better device management facilities and improved transaction handling. Operators will be able to handle the high volume of transactions from several charging stations flawlessly.

Moreover, the new protocol comes with better security measures like security logging, secured profiles for authentication, event notification, and overall secure communications. In addition to this EV drivers will get all the information about the charging rates on their apps.

Besides all this, the protocol includes smart EV charging capabilities with support for the Plug and Charge (ISO 15118) standard.

The Key Takeaway

These innovative trends will enable a smooth infrastructure and fast EV charging propelling people to embrace switching to Electric vehicles. Read all the technology trends that are redefining the EV charging industry in the most efficient way to opt for the viable and latest option available.