To study the movement of forex prices and gain insight into trends, traders use various forms of technical analysis. The action is usually displayed in the form of a chart and reveals price changes over days, weeks or another set period of time. By gaining a deeper understanding of market responses and price movements, traders hope to identify patterns and therefore improve their chances of making a profit. Here’s a closer look at some of the most important forex indicators for new traders.


In forex, oscillators pinpoint the time at which a market has reached its limit and the downturn is likely to begin. This usually happens when prices are too high, and a correction is therefore inevitable. Oscillators are good indicators to use because they allow you to spot a trend before prices begin to change.

Moving averages

One of the most popular technical indicators, moving averages identify the market direction as well as breaks in price action. They display the average values of a forex pair during a set period. In this way, smaller, less consequential trends can be filtered out and the trader can focus on more significant price movements. As the averages are presented as a line on a chart, this is a good option for beginners who are looking for a straightforward and stable indicator.

Relative strength index

If you have a taste for buying low and selling high, the relative strength index (RSI) could be an essential tool. It finds oversold or overbought currency pairs and uses a simple system to plot values between zero and 100. Zero indicates a currency pair being undersold, while 100 would suggest that it has been overbought. To be ahead of the curve, set an RSI alert to go off when the value hits a certain point, and then act decisively.


When prices begin to move in the finance market, they can do so very quickly or slowly, over a long period. A stochastic indicator can be used to measure this momentum. It is based on the idea that prices can often change in momentum before they begin a complete change in direction. As stock values are sensitive to news reports, traders can try to predict when a trend is about to reverse and buy or sell accordingly by using this indicator coupled with the latest market news.

What are the best market analysis tools in forex?

The majority of people who work in the markets regularly have a couple of favorite indicators and sources that they trust to provide accurate market analysis. Unfortunately, the perfect signal does not exist, so learning a little about each one is the best way to succeed in the forex markets. Over time, you will find the right tools for driving your strategy, based on your style of trading and personal preference.