What are online public relations?

What are online pr? You can reason to send press releases digitally. However, online public relations has become much more than that.

Some customs are very similar to traditional public relations in that they are about influencing people rather than buying placement for branded content.

The influence could affect the story of a magazine, newspaper or blog. It could also result in another online pickup with social media influencers.

About online public relations?

Online PR also contains a wide range of activities that help your brand or business reach a larger audience; activities do not require a sizable traditional press contact list.

You need to ask new questions like, how does your business rank on Google? Do you regularly publish thought leadership on your website and other channels in the form of other literature that can be easily repurposed and repackaged online?

  • Usually, when people talk about traditional public relations, they mean the traditional media: newspapers, television, radio, and magazines.
  • For online PR, traditional media brands can still be a target. Still, online PR often targets online properties and various other platforms and networks, from search to creation of Social networks.

This online approach influences:

  • Traditional columnists and writers (just like conventional PR)
  • Bloggers: personal and professional
  • Websites and branded sites
  • Social network users: Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook and more
  • Awards, events and exhibitions
  • Directories, lists and organizations
  • Web search engines

The scope of online public relations can be both direct and indirect. The company can offer social hashtags and search for keywords along with email and postal mail. Boosting traditional and online PR is storytelling. It will never go away. Quality storytelling and content help position stories for absorption, both online and offline.

So digital brands don’t need to wait for third-party publishers to pitch their stories to a new audience. Instead, the container casts a wide net with display ads and videos served on Vimeo or YouTube or limits itself to a specific audience with tools like LinkedIn Sponsored Content or Google Ads remarketing.

Approaching public relations online

There are many tactics and ratios here, some favouring search while others tend to the placement of online content such as editorials and guest blogs.

  • Online PR incorporates journalism, creative writing, storytelling, sales, media, SEO, social media, community management, customer relations, web design, etc.
  • Online public relations efforts may have media outlets or points of influence and be viewed directly by potential customers or consumers. Also, online press releases can drive little traffic to a brand or corporate website.
  • Typically, those distributed launches appear as search results, which consumers can find for medium and long-tail queries.

Online press release distribution options include:

  • voice
  • PRNewswire
  • commercial wire
  • market wire
  • decision
  • PRWeb
  • VMS

However, don’t confuse online press releases with quality backlinks used by Google for PageRank and ranking improvements.

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