After decades of toiling away in the workforce, retirement, for many, is a highly sought-after dream. A retirement annuity calculator can be beneficial during this time and also bring a little responsibility back into the lives of retirement. The responsibilities and burdens of life sit heavy on their shoulders, and they look forward to the opportunity to set many of those aside and enjoy their golden years the way they want to do so rather than having a majority of their time spent at the expense of others to make ends meet. 

While the road to retirement can be arduous and preparation for the event equally stressful, once that grand moment arrives, the road before you opens up at last, inviting you to enjoy many new opportunities and providing numerous benefits that make every moment sweet. 

Here are just a few of the many aspects of retirement you can look forward to once you punch out of work for the last time:

Freedom From the Shackles of Time

For so long, your alarm clock has dictated your life, waking you from a restless slumber to prepare for work or meet deadlines. For many, one of the absolute best features of retirement is that you are your own boss, and time is a commodity that you can now afford. 

Shut down those alarms and sleep as long as you want, only awakening at a specified time when you want to do something specific for yourself. Additional sleep, the ever-elusive kind that comes with having fewer stressors, can make you feel more refreshed than ever before. 

Spend Time with Your Family and Friends

Too often, people are too busy to spend enough quality time with their families; in some cases, they may only see each other at holidays or special events. The primary reason for this is that everyone has so much going on in life that conflicts make it impossible to arrange enough time for one another. 

Now that you are free, you can plan around the schedules of the others involved. Of course, the more family members you wish to gather at a time, the more difficult it will be, but it is much easier to arrange with your children or grandchildren. You will likely have plenty of opportunities to serve as a babysitter if you choose, which grants you more quality time with the little ones while making life easier for your adult children. 

If your friends are also at retirement age, you all now have a golden opportunity to engage in the hobbies you enjoy or sit around drinking tea and enjoying each other’s company.


Many people wish to see more of the world but are bound to a job or other responsibilities. Now that you have retired, you are free to explore new countries and civilizations, making the most out of life and cherishing new sights, cuisine, and experiences. If you want to take a cruise or spend the day at the beach, you can do so as often as you wish. 

During your excursions, you can create a network of new acquaintances, build friendships, and meet people who share your interests and hobbies. With so many possibilities and places to go, your life can be as full or empty as you wish. What is important is that you get to call the shots now. 

Engage in Hobbies and Learn New Things

Speaking of hobbies, there are likely a million things you always wanted to do or learn but never had the time. These are always the subjects of “One day, I’ll . . .” stories, but that one day is now! Whether you have always wanted to paint, put together model kits, play the piano, or learn to play golf – now is your chance. 

There are tutors and classes available to teach virtually any skill, so now you can do everything you never had time to do before. If you love learning, many universities even offer free tuition to seniors of a certain age, meaning that you can go to school or even earn a degree at no cost. What a great way to keep your brain sharp, choosing to learn about topics that appeal to you. 

Move to a Retirement Community

Life isn’t worth living for some people unless you can share it with others. Your younger friends and family are often absorbed in their own lives and are likely busy most of the time. For social folks, retirement can become somewhat lonely without nearby peers. 

This is a familiar feeling among retirees, so many of them seek places where they can live in close proximity to one another. These communities are excellent places to make new friends and share exciting experiences with people as unfettered by time as you. Plus, if you are single, you may find a special someone to become a constant companion, adding a bonus to an already incredible experience. 

Build a New You

Exercise and diet are essential to enjoying a long, healthy life. Now that your schedule is free, you have the time to prepare a fitness routine to keep you in shape and maintain your body so that you can make the most of your newfound freedom. Once you find a system to your liking and begin exercising, you will find that you feel so much better. This is because exercising releases endorphins that reduce stress, improving your mood. 

Furthermore, engaging in fitness ensures that you maintain your mobility and can take care of yourself. It is also an excellent way to spend time with friends, as going on a walk or jog with others can be much more fun than working alone, plus your companion can provide increased motivation to keep to a set schedule. 

You can consult a medical or fitness professional to help you develop the perfect plan. In the end, you will have more energy to enjoy the things you love and can remain spry enough to make the most out of your retirement.

The Bottom Line

Plan for retirement with AnnuityAdvantage so you can spend this time stress free. You have waited so long for retirement so you can rest and enjoy everything you wanted to do in life but could never find the time. Now that you have reached this important milestone, you can sleep as long as you want, enjoy the company of those you love, make new friends, learn new skills and hobbies, and can live the healthy lifestyle that was so difficult before because time was at a premium.