The state of Texas is a significant contributor to the growth of businesses in the United States, from smaller Texas LLCs to larger Lone Star State corporations. While Austin is famous as the South’s Silicon Valley, there are plenty of perks to consider when relocating or investing in the state. There are many reasons why companies from California might want to relocate to Texas. One of these is the massive market in Dallas. It offers numerous perks, such as access to major companies such as Exxon and AT&T. Houston also has a booming energy and medical industry. Below are some of the reasons that you might consider moving companies and growing them in Texas:

Expansive Market

If Texas became an independent country, it would be one of the world’s largest economies. It would also rank second only to California when compared to other states.

When you first move to Texas, you might not realize that the state’s major cities are only a short drive from each other. The state’s four most significant metropolitan areas have a combined population of almost 20 million. The state of Texas is an excellent location for startups and new businesses to test their products or services. It allows them to operate their operations in-state, eliminating spending a lot of money on international or supply chain logistics.

Huge Companies Are Already In Texas

The Dallas/Fort Worth region is home to numerous corporate headquarters. Some of these include influential organizations such as American Airlines, Toyota, and AT&T. Other prominent companies such as Kimberly-Clark, Southwest Airlines, and Exxon are also in the area. Houston is also known for its top-class medical facilities. One of these is the world-renowned Houston Medical Center, known for its cutting-edge cancer research. Due to its size, the medical center would be the 16th-largest city hospital in the country. Besides being known for its medical facilities, Houston also boasts numerous thriving industries. Some of these include aerospace, energy, and manufacturing which is a big win for the state.

Tax Climate Is Amazing

Texas is a great place for startups and established companies to establish their operations due to the Texas tax structure, as provided by the Texas Economic Development Corporation. It is especially beneficial for those operating in California, as the state’s corporate tax rates have increased significantly over the years. Many companies have relocated to Texas due to the state’s favorable tax climate. The state of Texas has a pro-business environment. There are a variety of factors that business owners should consider when it comes to assessing business opportunities in the state. One of these is the amount of money that the state provides to incentivize businesses.


Due to the various factors that have made Texas a great place to work, relocate, and live, the number of corporate relocations will rise in the coming years. There are many challenges that corporations face when relocating to Texas. It is why you must hire a professional to help you develop a strategy that will allow you to avoid these issues.