YouTube Tv

The YouTube Tv Cost, it is not enough to be the most excellent used video platform globally. Here, the poverty more, which means taking over the device.

The television has dominated homes worldwide for years, so YouTube is announcing a new platform that seeks to contest directly against cable television providers.

YouTube now as a cable TV

Rendering to Google, the new generations are tired of the old television format, wherever there are still many limitations, and it is not likely to watch anywhere.

And also, new content consumers are looking for uncompromising live television and wherever, a television that is more like YouTube.

Hereunder this premise comes YouTube TV, “live television for the YouTube generation,” anywhere we can get live admission channels and recording programs from a new iOS and Android application.

Which will be well-matching with televisions through, for example, Chromecast.

Let’s see what YouTube TV offers.

Live TV :

  • Here YouTube TV has strong alliances such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, the 30 most popular cable channels in the United States.
  • And regional networks that will broadcast live sports events through the platform.

‘Cloud DVR’ at no additional cost :

  • The Google knows that it is sometimes difficult to watch a live program, giving us admission to a nice of ‘virtual DVR.
  • With which we will have an unlimited entry in this cloud to record our package or favorite occasion and watch it later.
  • However, this DVR will allow you to record several programs concurrently and at a maximum resolution anywhere.
  • However, each program will continue stored for a maximum of nine months. Here we can access our DVR from anywhere we are, even from our smartphones.

Six accounts, one membership :

  • Here the YouTube TV subscription will be pricing at $ 35 per month, and with this, we can allow up to six individual accounts, which will have their profile, content, virtual DVR, and recommendations.
  • However, each account will be able to watch up to three shows simultaneously.

Linked to YouTube Red :

  • When you sign up for YouTube TV, we’ll automatically access exclusive content on YouTube Red, such as original series and movies.
  • The YouTube TV will initially be available in major cities across the United States, expanding nationally later this year.
  • Here the bad news is that there is still no information on an international expansion.
  • Which seems complicating because the licenses of each chain are being negotiating by country.