A Returners Magic Should Be Special-2022

A Returners Magic Should Be Special: Désir Arman is a normal-looking teenager. He’s a tall, fair-skinned boy. He has thick black hair which is described as unbrushed. His face is long and sharply tapered towards his chin. Likes to dress casually.

After losing sight in his left eye, he combs his hair to cover his left eye, in order to possibly hide his disability.


Returning from the Labyrinth of Shadows, Desir takes a very serious approach to preparing those he deems important for his inevitable appearance. Consequently, he comes across as a ruthless teacher to his companions in part due to their ignorance of his past.

Desir suffers from PTSD due to the deaths of Romantica and her other comrades in her past life.

Desir is determined to do whatever he can to prepare the world for the Labyrinth of Shadow, even willing to be called a hypocrite and blur the lines of what is morally right and wrong. He is even willing to risk his life to increase his magic circles for more power to better strengthen himself, even if there is little or no chance that he can survive the procedure.


After graduating from Hebrion Academy, Désir spent 10 years in the Labyrinth of Shadows where many of his friends and even his lovers were sacrificed in order to defeat the final boss of the labyrinth, Brohmier Napolitan.


After killing Napolitan, only 6 people survived out of 150 million people. When Napolitan was defeated, the survivors thought it was the end and they were happy to be able to return home.

Unfortunately, that was not the case; a dragon’s heart absorbs mana and pumps it throughout a dragon’s body, when a dragon dies, the mana stored in its heart has no release, which accumulates until what it explodes. This explosion is what killed the six survivors, along with the rest of the world.

As soon as the explosion hit Desir, he was sent back to his youth, when he was taking the exams for Hebrion Academy, where he is determined to change the future for the better.

Skills and Abilities

In his past life, Desir only had enough mana to qualify as a mage of the first circle. However, after being soul-bound to the Toa Crest he obtained from a Shadow World, he has enough mana to become a Third Circle Mage.

While he was just a Third Circle mage, he managed to become one of the six people who survived the Labyrinth of Shadows. He was also highly respected by the other five members and received praise from Zod Exarion, who was the one and only magician in the Seventh Circle and known as the most powerful magician.

When performing magic using Dragon Tongue, Desir is able to perform Third Circle magic elevated to the level of Sixth Circle.

After taking an artificial magic circle from the Homunculus and implanting it within himself, Desir is now able to use fourth circle magic, elevated to the seventh circle using the dragon’s tongue. His powers grew so great that he was able to single-handedly defeat Aaron, a King-class knight, who was fused with a homunculus, making him stronger, though this was also due to his knowledge of King-class abilities. Aaron from his past life.

Skills and Abilities

In the epilogue. It was revealed that Desir absorbs energy from a dragon’s heart. Giving him an almost infinite amount of mana to use.

Entrance Exam

Desir was recommended to take the 172nd Hebrion Academy entrance exam by Professor Brigette.

He was placed in Group D, taking on Ajest Kingscrown, Romantica Eru and Treveurie Tigus. He managed to beat Ajest and become first in the exam.

Professor Brigette proposed that Desir be placed in the Alpha class due to his outstanding performance on the exam. This proposal met with resistance from Professor Pugman. After a voting session, 18 voted for him against 22 against. Therefore, he was assigned to the beta class.

About A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Graphic

A Returner’s Magic Should be Special Graphic Novel Volume 1 (Color) features the story of Usonan and the art of Wookjakga.

In a time when the shadow world has taken over and most of humanity is wiped out. A group of six heroes strive and fail to save the world… But magician Desir Herman is offered a second chance when he opens his eyes and discovers that he has gone back thirteen years in the past! Now it’s up to him to rally his party again and stop the greatest disaster in human history!

The world is on the brink of destruction after a devastating decade-long war in the “Maze of Shadows”. Desir Herrman is one of the last skilled magicians left standing. But even he is no match for the fearsome enemy that threatens the very existence of mankind.

Just when he’s sure the end has come. He’s sent back in time to his early days of studying magic at the prestigious Hebrion Academy! With this rare second chance. Desir is determined to save not only himself but also the friends and comrades he has lost. Armed with the knowledge of what their future holds, can their efforts make a difference. Or are they all doomed to relive the same terrible fate.


In the Shadow World, daily life is filled with chaos and disaster.

Commoner magician Desir Herrman uses his prodigal talents to enter the Labyrinth of Shadows – the pinnacle of the Shadow World. But when his group fails to clear the Labyrinth, humanity descends into death.

This should mean death for Desir. But he finds himself sent back in time to when he was a boy attending Hebrion Academy. It’s his second chance.

Can Desir hone his skills as a magician so he can save humanity a second time.

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