Amenities, Location, and Room Features Influence the Quality of Their Stay

Business partnerships require a great deal of finesse, and you already have that mastered. As an expert communicator and analytic thinker, you regularly impress clients and colleagues. But when you’re conducting business in Austin, Texas – the “weird” capital of the American south – you’ll have to take some initiative to wow your clients.

There’s a plethora of interesting local hotspots and eateries that your clients will appreciate, but to stand out and make a visit memorable, you’ll want to help plan their stay in a boutique Austin hotel.

Fine Dining Awaits – Under One Roof

Knowing you never have to leave the hotel in search of a meal is a benefit unto itself, but realizing you can enjoy some of the city’s finest local flavors without heading out into the Austin summer heat is something truly spectacular.

Many hotel guests are likely to snub their nose at a hotel restaurant, but those in the know understand that boutique hotels offer something much better than typical convenient fare. Your clients will learn this quickly when they tuck into impressive cuisine and handcrafted cocktails – without needing to hail a cab or secure a rideshare service to return to their accommodations.

Comfort and Class

A boutique hotel delivers a consistent guest experience time and again, so guests are never met with unwanted surprises. Staff make careful consideration of their touchpoints with guests and ensure every room meets their high standards.

Room furnishings, lobby aesthetic, and even the ambiance of the hallway all play an important role in how a guest will fondly remember a hotel – and relate it to the reason for their stay.

Evening and Weekend Entertainment Options

Hosting clients in a boutique hotel presents them with a plethora of entertaining activities on the same campus as their accommodations.

If the weather is poor, if their colleagues are too tired to join them on an exploration, or if they simply need to unwind before the next day’s business meetings, your clients need not get lost in an unfamiliar city. Luxury and boutique hotels offer a host of entertainment options such as a pool – often with a swim-up bar or similar feature; a spa; a cocktail lounge; and a concierge to help locate unique venues and coordinate safe transportation to and from the hotel. A basic, three-star business hotel simply cannot compete.

Location Is Key

Boutique hotels are all over Austin; it’s simple to find one near where you need to be. Whether your meetings will occur in the bustling downtown area, or perhaps you’re spending the majority of your time in the fashionable and hip Domain Northside, there’s a boutique hotel nearby, ready to play host.

Being nearby is a necessity; in a 2019 city survey, only 24 percent of Austin residents said they were satisfied with local public transportation options. This means your clients will either suffer through the city bus or spend their per diem on cab fare or rideshares, which adds up if you’re ushering them all over town.

True Texas Flair

Sterile, cookie-cutter hotels don’t reflect their environs – and they make for a bland experience. A boutique hotel, on the other hand, is meant to showcase its home city in the decor and the hospitality.

An Austin boutique hotel should be inherently Texas-inspired, taking inspiration from nature and the city itself. You won’t find repetitive artwork or pastel wallpaper here. Iconic Texas stars, Texas limestone, and Texas bluebonnets are a must – without being too cheesy.

The Reviewers Love Them

Every year, Forbes, AAA, TripAdvisor, and a host of other websites and publications bestow their awards upon hotels – and boutique and luxury hotels generally collect the most hardware for hotel experience and accommodation quality.

If expert hotel reviewers – and guests who like to write online reviews – adore Austin boutique hotels, then it’s likely your clients will, too. (And on the off-chance they don’t love their stay, their hotelier will make it right.)

Do It Right, and Their Accountant Won’t Balk at the Nightly Rate 

Personal and corporate accountants may be hesitant to approve nightly reservations at a boutique hotel. Their job, of course, is to protect the finances.

But a boutique hotel doesn’t always come with an exorbitant price tag; this is a major misunderstanding. In fact, many boutique accommodations offer reasonable nightly rates far below their opulent and extreme counterparts.

When you find the right boutique hotel at the right nightly rate in the right location, everyone is pleased.