Risky Business

Introduction: Risky Business Joel Goodson is one of the main characters in the comedy film Risky Business. He is the show’s protagonist and a successful high school student. Joel lives in a large mansion with his wealthy parents in Chicago. He is always under pressure from his parents to do well, especially his father who wants him to attend Princeton University after high school.

Best Risky Business Costume Joel Goodson Cosplay Ideas

Joel Goodson has worn many different outfits throughout his film appearances. He continually changes his outfit to match the setting or situation he finds himself in. However, the character has several iconic and fun outfits that people who have seen the movie will always remember when thinking of Joel Goodson. This guide will feature one of Joel Goodson’s signature costumes, the one he wore with just his underwear down.

The outfit consists of a long-sleeved white polo shirt, which represents the red-striped cotton oxford button-up shirt the character wore in the films. The cosplay set will also come with white underwear for the bottom as the character only wore them in the scene. The collection includes a pair of white socks and black sunglasses. The outfit is completed with a gold candlestick, which Joel used as a microphone during the scene.

About Joel Goodson Costume

At first glance, Joel Goodson seems like the perfect high school role model. Wealthy, handsome, smart and high achiever in school. But really, he’s like any other high school kid. He is always afraid of not getting good marks or high marks in his exams and he always wants to have a good time. But her fear of not meeting her parents’ expectations forces her to focus more on her studies. This makes the character a bit overwhelmed and always stressed.

That’s why he took advantage of the fact that his parents were going on a trip to let loose and have a good time. Although there were a lot of things that were wrong, in the end everything turned out fine. The timing of Joel’s release brought several iconic outfits that people will remember for the character.

That’s why fans of the movie will always have Joel Goodson as their favorite cosplay option if they want to dress up as characters from the comedy movie. If you look at the cosplay photos, you can see that the character’s outfit is always good for laughing or exclaiming. Makes a great choice for costume parties or movie conventions.

About Joel Goodson Costume

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Risky Business Costume – Risky Business

Crafting your own risque corporate suit is a pretty brave suit to wear. After all, you’ll be walking around in a shirt and a pair of tight white briefs. Here’s everything you need to create your own Risky Business costume and replicate Tom Cruise in one of his most famous roles.

Risky Business Sunglasses

Tom Cruise didn’t wear his sunglasses during the dance scene in Risky Business. However, they are still a cool touch to your Risky Business suit.

The sunglasses Tom Cruise wore in the film were a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

You can buy a pair or use a cheaper replica.

Risky Business Sunglasses

Risky Business Shirt

You will need a long-sleeved shirt as the main part of your risque business suit.

The shirt worn by Tom Cruise in the film is made of fine material. It is also light pink in color with thin white stripes.

You should have no problem finding a similar or identical shirt.

Risky Business Candlestick

The final part of your Risky Business disguise is finding a candlestick.

In the film, while dancing, Tom Cruise grabs a golden candlestick and sings into it.

You should choose a large candlestick which is preferably gold.

Risky Business Candlestick

Tom Cruise Costume Risky Business: The Story

Risky Business is a classic 1983 coming-of-age film starring Tom Cruise and served as the launch to stardom. The film follows a typical high-achieving high school student whose parents leave home alone for a weekend. After getting into trouble in dad’s porsche, Joel Goodson must get creative to raise a large sum of money fairly quickly. With the beautiful Rebecca De Mornay playing Joel’s love interest, this classic teenage rebellion film has been and will continue to be popular for years to come.

What do you wear to a Risky Business party?

Wear a long white shirt, white socks and shorts. No one would worry about a little TBT. Keep it cheap and keep it fancy (or not). But above all, keep in mind that there is a good chance that your clothes will be damaged or that they will not even fit in your home, so have fun with them.


To purchase a Risky Business suit, you can browse online. There are many 80s-themed clothing websites and stores where you can find costumes tailored to your needs. These costume websites also have a large inventory of Risky Business costumes. You can even buy a vintage 80s costume, but be aware that they can be quite expensive. However, you can create your own suit with a few tips.

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