Super Smash Bros Switch

Nintendo’s hybrid console has received a few exclusive titles that can be the perfect excuse to get hold of it. In this way, one of the main responsible for this situation will be Super Smash Bros Switch.

The latest installment of the splendid saga of Nintendo has not stopped receiving videos and publicity throughout the year, which has caused the hype of the fans of the series to continue to grow.

Who should I choose?

Going back to the subject of characters, it is true that, at first, it can be a bit overwhelming to think that we have more than 70 characters to choose from.

However, not all of them will be available from the start.

Instead, we will have to unlock them little by little, either simply by playing or by meeting a series of requirements that you discover better over time.

It allows us to familiarize ourselves with everyone’s controls at first while playing non-stop.

Of course, the advantage that those fans of the saga will start with is that the rules and the vast majority of combinations will remain the same.

Of attacks from each of the fighters, which does not mean that there is no room for surprises. Some have even received slight modifications to specific moves.

With these measures, what has been achieved is to balance all the characters, something excellent and worthy of applause for the spectacular work of the development team to ensure that none is infinitely more powerful than the others or vice versa.

That yes, that does not mean that later each one has his favorites and defends himself better.

Hence, you have to spend hours and hours in the game to discover it because dominating everyone to the fullest is practically unthinkable.

A delivery that lacks nothing:

  • Throughout the entire history of Super Smash Bros. in video games, we have found some better instalments and others that stayed with a B rather than bordering on perfection.
  • Although they all have the same objective, to beat all the characters in fierce combats in which fun is another protagonist, each has its pros and cons.
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a tribute to this entire saga that has been with us for almost 20 years when it debuted on Nintendo 64 with only 12 characters.
  • A ridiculous figure if we compare it with the number of fighters that we now have at our disposal, this time exceeding 70, among which there will be Nintendo, Capcom, Konami, Bandai Namco or SEGA, for example, in addition to many others who will join. in the future in the form of downloadable content
  • Unconditionally each of the characters that have gone through Super Smash Bros. is present in Ultimate.
  • The same situation occurs with its scenarios exceeding one hundred of them.
  • With its more than 800 melodies, objects of all kinds, among which there are about 60 Pokémon and 60 Helpers, more than 1,000 Spirits.
  • Which we will talk about in more depth later, along with dozens of game modes.

Nintendo Switch is the perfect home for the saga

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was one of the first Nintendo games to debut on the Nintendo Switch.

  • Since then, numerous sagas of the big N have returned to action with new adventures or the remastering of some existing titles.
  • In this sense, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has nothing to do with the Wii U installment, as everything discussed so far has shown.
  • For these reasons, it should also be added that it takes advantage of all the features of the Nintendo Switch like a charm.
  • Playing on TV is a real delight because of how excellent the game looks, but if we have to go take the console on a short trip on public transport.
  • We can always resort to portable mode and, for example, fight a Spirit Board fight. Whatever the situation, we will always have a game mode to select and spend time as we like.

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