The ideal benchmark for the number of clients an agency should have is between 10 and 20. That way, an agency can avoid stretching itself too thin while also having enough clients for sustained growth.

But no matter how many clients your agency might have, keeping them happy will always be at the core of ensuring that they stay with you and don’t cancel their services.

In this article, let’s explore some of the best ways to keep your customers happy with your agency.

Go the Extra Mile for Your Clients

For agencies, the competition can be fierce. No matter how much you do for your clients, other agencies will constantly be vying for their attention, sometimes making outrageous claims to get them to consider your services.

And because of that, you need to get creative with how you enhance both the services and the relationship with each client to give them more reasons to stick with you and not someone else. For example, you can develop impactful corporate gifting ideas that show your clients you value the relationship with them, extending it beyond your services.

You can send a thoughtful corporate gift at almost any time, but there are also plenty of occasions you could utilize. For example, it could be a birthday gift, a holiday gift, a milestone you helped them achieve, a client anniversary, or anything else that shows you value them.

Rethink How You Generate Leads

No matter how well you’re catering to your current clients, you can’t expect them to stay with you forever. And even if they do, you still need to consider growth opportunities and look for new, better-paying, and more prominent clients that you can help succeed and grow your agency in the process.

And that’s why having a comprehensive lead generation strategy is so important. When you figure out how to generate sales leads using multiple methods, you can provide yourself with more security in case one lead source dries up.

Whether it’s highly-targeted outreach campaigns, wide-reaching SEO campaigns, or even a strong presence on social media, you should explore as many avenues as possible to maintain a constant stream of new leads for your business.

Moreover, if your niche is within the solar and environment industry, there are companies that generate solar leads as a service. It has been proven an effective way to streamline your marketing efforts and focus on other major business decisions.

Understand Your Audience’s Core Needs

Understand Your Audience’s Core Needs

The only way to maintain your clients long-term is to continually meet their expectations by helping them achieve their goals. But that is only possible if you take the time to understand the goals and needs your clients have on a fundamental level, which may not always be self-evident.

Sure, your client may come to you saying they want to boost the traffic to their website. Or, they may decide they need to get more followers on your social media. But these goals don’t really do anything to grow their business alone. They may correlate with something that signals success, but achieving them may not be the solution the client hoped for.

Therefore, as an agency, it’s your job to get behind the superficial goal that your clients have and figure out what types of outcomes they are really looking for. And in most cases, those outcomes will be related to getting more leads and more clients.

So, if you have a client that wants to boost traffic to their site, you should approach it with the goal of providing them with traffic that will convert into customers. And if they want a stronger social media presence, try to figure out how more followers could translate to more leads they could work with.

Make Communication a Priority

The results you achieve for your clients play a deciding role in keeping them long-term. But at the same time, the only way that those results will even matter is if your clients understand them and can appreciate them.

Therefore, one of the most critical aspects of running an agency is figuring out how to keep your clients informed about the results you’ve brought them without it completely disrupting your business. This balance is crucial because while you need to communicate with clients regularly, you also don’t want this communication to become an endless back-and-forth of calls, emails, and meetings that take away from the time you could be spending actually working on the campaigns.

There are two steps you can take to avoid these issues and keep your clients happy. First, you need to set expectations with clients at the very beginning so that they clearly understand what you’ll do for them and how much communication they can expect. Then, you should set up a system that streamlines parts of the communication process, generating automated reports and keeping clients in the loop without having to do it yourself.

Bottom Line

Keeping clients happy is at the very heart of running a successful company. When your clients feel like they’re getting value, they will be much more likely to stick around.

With the strategies above, you should have a much better chance of building lasting relationships with your audience that you can build upon to grow your agency.