Vlone Friends

Introduction: Vlone friends it all began in harlem’s streets in 2013, when  a group of multi-talented people including musicians, fashion designers, rappers and singers shared the same philosophy of the fashion and music. They formed ASAP MOB and launched Vlone clothing, a street fashion brand, ASAP members began wearing the clothing and the quickly made of popular on social media.

While the ASAP mob is known for primarily as a music collective, they have exemplified what the crewnis capable of outside of sonic realm with the introduction of clothing label, VLONE. Comprised of ASAP Rocky, ASAP Bari and CLOT’s Edison chen, they have begun the scatch the surface of what “always strive and prosper” truly means.

In recent months, upstart label VLONE has introduced itself to the world with key retail experiences around the world in the notable places like Colette in paris, where they collaborated with OFF-WHITE, and in the Los Angeles, where they took over a space in downtown once.

inhabited by Wes Lang, the man responsible for Kanye West’s tour merchandise, to create a memorable pop-up in the United States replete with imagery indicative of skateboard culture during the Dogtown and Venice Beach Z-Boys era.

Meaning Of Vlon

Vlone is more than a brand. It’s a means of life: “Live alone, die alone.”

“We are born alone, we live alone and we die alone. Only our relationship and love can make us feel that we are not alone.

Meaning Of Vlon

Vlone is clear as “you live alone, but you die alone”. This routine can be summed up in a single sentence. Vlone is the idea of ​​its creators, their lifestyle, thought and culture. The inspiration of this brand is the freestyle fashion of Harlem, where Rocky and Bari come from. Bari said, “What I do is take Harlem to take it somewhere else.”

What is Vlone clothing?

ASAP Bari and Rocky t-shirts, sweatshirts and headgear have been branded with the elongated V.

Bari states: “I’m not streetwear.” I am not fashionable. I am the hood fashion. “I close for the neighborhood niggas.”

ASAP Rocky Vlone released a music video in 2014. Until then, their products were limited to vlone hoodies and t-shirts. In a pop-up store, they introduced streetwear at Paris Fashion Week. This was a great success among the youth and stars of hip-hop. Through Rocky’s inspiration, streetwear became more popular. A pop-up was also held in Los Angeles, where they featured limited clothing from Vlone. This attracted skaters and other streetwear enthusiasts.

Nike and OFF-WHITE collaborations

They cooperated with OFF WHITE, Nike and other products in 2016. This was a great achievement towards their success. The OFF-WHITE VLONE group features Vlone orange and Vlone black suits, long-sleeved pullovers and sweatpants in a signature orange and black color scheme.

They announced camouflage stock, vlone pants and Vlone hoodie with the visible Vlone logo printed, as well as t-shirts and t-shirts with the orange letters “FRIENDS”, written on the front. Vlone X OFFWHITE was also hurled at this fair.

Vlone, in urban dictionary fashion, means to live alone and be alone. This t-shirt was a symbol of the youth who were inspired by the one-thug clothing t-shirt. ASAP rocky hoodies became very popular, including shirt, hoodies and work jacket.

How would you summarize what VLONE means?

Rocky: A broad statement to generalize everything would be just “you live alone, you die alone”. That’s it. I think it’s simple.

What do you think is the main goal of VLONE for the next year?

Barry: I can’t say. I really have no goal. If you set a goal, you will be disappointed if you don’t achieve it. The goal is to live life.

How do you see the role of Edison Chen within the brand?

Bari: We are all a team. Nobody really has too much of an [official] position. Edison does what he does. I do what I do. Rocky does what he does.

Rocky, how do you see your role with VLONE?

The Rocky: I think VLONE is not too far fetched from A$AP. It’s just a lifestyle. For lack of better words, I’d say VLONE is like A$AP. They are parallel. Do you know that A$AP is just a collective of different talented people? VLONE is just a lifestyle: live alone, die alone.

People these days are just adjusting to that lifestyle, whether you feel left out of society for whatever reason; their own internal reasons. Many people adapt to the lifestyle and manifest that lifestyle in a clothing line. This is how we live every day with each other.

Bari, do you think you are the consistent voice as a figurehead?

Bari: No. I try not to talk. My whole thing is “less talk, more work.”

What does the “Friends” motif on clothing mean to you? Is that supposed to be ironic?

Bari: With the shirt, the reason “Friends” appears is because it has a minus [sign]. If you subtract something, it’s “zero”. Less life. negative style. Less food. Anything you put a minus on, you end up with a zero. So the whole meaning behind the shirt is that “fewer friends” means “zero friends.” I am more alone. Living alone. To die alone, that’s the whole meaning.

Has the “live alone, die alone” mantra altered at all in the last six months with the achievement and welcome of the brand?

Bari: It’s additional of a lifestyle, you know. We want it to be somewhat you wake up to and use because that’s how you feel. “I don’t want to take this shirt off for three months” kind of shit. So that’s always my vibe, and how I approach everything I do.

What changed?

Bari: Police taking away people’s freedom. You can’t do what you want to do in Harlem. You can’t just chill on your porch with your friends and chill all day and stuff like that. Cookouts are not the same. Parades are not the same.

I guess where I come from, my neighborhood, is changing, and not for the better. The culture is slowly fading. Wish I had time travel to go back and have that good Harlem feeling I used to have. I live in California now, but every time I’m in New York, I stay in Harlem. Live in Harlem. I come back as much as I can. I appreciate what Harlem was.

Vlone Logo and the History of the Brand

Even though the Vlone logo is simple and minimalist, it is instantly recognizable and a brand hit. The Vlone symbol has mainly been a success as a piece of clothing with the “Vlone” brand name is much more expensive than one without it.

Vlone Logo and the History of the Brand

What does the Vlone logo communicate?

The Vlone logo features quite a powerful and cryptic logo. What’s interesting about the logo and clothing line is that it was heavily inspired by an American rapper named SpaceGhostPurrp. This rapper had a soft spot for a Memphis hip hop group known as Three 6 Mafia, which is pretty much why the Vlone brand has a dark theme.

“Live Vlone Die Vlone T-shirt” is Vlone’s slogan. This is a really interesting joke from the American psychological thriller Donnie Darko. In the movie, Vlone Friends there is a scene where Donnie is chatting with a woman. He is telling you something that someone once said about life. He told Donnie that “every living thing dies by itself.” This very bold dialogue was adopted by Vlone, who made it his unique catchphrase.

The history of the Vlone logo

The Vlone brand lives by the mantra “you live alone and you die alone”. Vlone was found by three people, A$AP Rocky and A$AP Bari of hip hop group A$AP MOB, as well as Edison Chen of CLOT. According to Bari, Vlone is a lifestyle brand and belongs neither to high fashion nor to streetwear. Vlone Friends The brand’s DNA was influence in part by Harlem, a New York neighborhood where the A$AP Mob was founded.

The history of the Vlone logo


Vlone’s main logo features the brand name in a highly legible serif font. The proportions of the letter are strange: the glyphs are unusually taller. The word is divide into two unequal parts using colors. Whatever the color of the word “solitary”, black or white, the “V” is represent at all times in a different and brighter shade, such as blue, green, red and more.

The symbol of “friends”

You may have seen hoodies, t-shirts and other clothing with the term “Friends-” and wondered what it means. A$AP Bari says that the minus sign represents zero, so the text simply means “No Friends” or “Zero Friends”. Simply put, it’s another way of saying “Vlone” or “alone.”

In some variants, the minus sign is inside a circle, while other versions do not have a circle around the minus sign. The point is that without the circle, Vlone Friends the minus sign has often been ignore, making the intent of the logo unclear. When a circular frame is around the minus sign, it draws people’s attention to the sign and makes them think about what it could mean.


Vlone is define as “you live alone, but you die alone”. This lifestyle can be sum up in a single sentence. Vlone is the idea of its creators, their lifestyle, thought and culture. The inspiration of this brand is the freestyle fashion of Harlem, where Rocky and Bari come from.