Growing your Business on LinkedIn

So let’s say you’ve cracked all the big dogs of social media – the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even TikTok. You may have forgotten LinkedIn, and of course this is easily done given the distinction between that and the more playful and creative social media platforms.

Of course there is the argument that LinkedIn is more for professional networking and hiring practices, but why shouldn’t you be able to grow your business in the manner that you do with the other aforementioned platforms?

LinkedIn contains 830 million users across 200 countries as of June 2021, so in all honesty you’d be crazy to ignore such a huge potential demographic, particularly if you have something of substance to give your fellow professionals. That said, a wider variety of users than you’d think encompass the LinkedIn sphere.

So how is growth achieved? Well these 7 hacks should offer you the perfect platform from which to grow and develop.

1: Be sneaky

Imagine you’re writing a listicle for a product or service, or perhaps an update in a particular area of your business. For instance, something along the lines of this piece – let’s say I write five hacks in a LinkedIn post, leaving the other two for those to find on the main page of a website. If it’s engaging content, then users won’t mind the clickbait.

2: It’s a social network – so network!

Networking is paramount to growth, and nowadays we have that power at our fingertips. People love having their ego stroked, and of course those that you want to network with are no different. Tag someone in your sector in a genuine and sincere post, and perhaps they will return the favour. Not to mention the power of the algorithm in showing likes in the news feed.

3: Make sure you know your audience

As mentioned, LinkedIn is one of many social media platforms that you can use for growth, but knowing how to define your target audience can be even more crucial in ensuring you can build a coherent and fruitful strategy.

4: Use the analytics tool

LinkedIn analytics may be something you hadn’t even been aware of initially, but it’s real and it’s highly insightful. You can see which posts are more successful, and which have minimal engagement. It can’t help with everything, but it can be hugely beneficial to your bigger picture.

5: Smell what sells in your articles

On that note, use the analytics tool to get a sense of what sells and what doesn’t. Where does the lion’s share of the interest in your company lie? Focus on that and you’ll be showing up in all the important feeds in no time at all.

6: Check on your rivals

You can also use the analytics tool to see how your competitors are getting on. What are they doing that seems to be working, and how can you take inspiration from that for your own business?

7: Invite your contacts

Okay, so some may not be interested, but you never know the kinds of people that could get a lot from a connection with your business. The snowball effect could mean one tells another and word has the capability to spread pretty far.