Is Energy A Good Career Path

Is Energy a Good Career Path: The short answer is yes. A world without energy is an impossible thought due to the advancement of technology, it is essential in almost every aspect of our modern life. The possibilities of evolution in the energy career are unlimited. Energy is an established, well-paying, and most importantly, ever-growing and evolving career field.

Energy engineers are the noble professionals who are responsible for finding new sources of energy, harnessing them, and turning them into that magic that flows through your home’s electrical outlets and powers your iPhone.

As in most areas of engineering, working in energy involves a wide range of responsibilities, with a focus on two main goals: creating and developing new ways to produce energy cleanly and efficiently, and reduce current energy consumption. This means that engineers working in the energy field will need to be excellent problem solvers and experts in optimizing workflows.

Energy is a highly specialized technical field that primarily requires a graduate degree. Why? there is a multitude of facets which must be managed, from control of well insurance to wind farm site management and more. However, there are exceptions to this, as some educational institutions offer energy programs that allow students to progress in the energy field without an advanced qualification.

Are Energy Engineers In Demand?

Absolutely! The future of energy is changing every day as drastic changes occur in the global energy landscape. This is good news for electrical engineers as jobs are on the rise. Energy engineers can be found at every point in the energy cycle. They can work directly on an oil rig, where oil is refined, on a power tower, on the power grid, and just about anywhere other forms of energy are created or harnessed.

Global warming has unfortunately not stopped and has become one of the main global problems in the world, its effects are increasingly noticeable and have deadly effects. This has led many countries to strengthen their clean energy protocols and invest in solar, geothermal and wind power. This creates additional job opportunities for power engineers.

Are Energy Engineers In Demand_

Clean energy prices have also fallen, increasing the adaptation of clean energy methods and also increasing the number of career opportunities for energy engineers. Energy engineering is definitely going nowhere, because alongside the need to store and generate clean energy, there is also the task of making existing systems more energy efficient.

What Opportunities Are Available For A Career In Energy?

To get a general idea of the types of jobs available in energy, check out our 25 highest paying jobs in energy. The largest energy companies in the world are obviously the largest employers of energy engineers. Companies such as Shell, BP, Exxon Mobil, EON, British Gas, and National Grid, among many others, are the best companies that power engineers could look to work for.

All of these companies have the resources and have several companies in various fields around the world, and they need the right manpower to ensure that all their projects are completed.

Government departments and various supplier networks are also career options for power engineers. They also offer a wide range of opportunities for energy engineers and those interested in working in the energy field. So, as you can see, it is not very difficult to find a job in the field of energy because many establishments offer these jobs.

What Are the Best Paying Jobs in Energy?

Drilling Supervisor

Drilling operations on oil rigs are led by drilling supervisors, they oversee the operations and ensure that everything is completed on time. Unlike other high paying jobs, a bachelor’s degree is not essential, experience is valued much more than qualifications. However, degrees in mechanical engineering or drilling technology can be useful.

Drilling supervisors are paid an average of $148,500 in the US (£109,250 in the UK).

What Are the Best Paying Jobs in Energy_

Wind Farm Site Manager

Maintaining a wind farm is more work than you think. They need a lot of management, and the larger the wind farm, the more equipment, management and employees it requires.

Wind farm site managers are generally required to have a bachelor’s degree or higher in management and/or commerce. This, combined with relevant experience in managing employees, will ensure that the wind farm remains productive and staff remain busy.

Wind farm site managers are paid an average of $105,000 in the US (£76,725 in the UK).

Green Construction Manager

This role includes planning, budgeting and coordinating construction projects from start to finish. Renovation projects for existing buildings and new energy efficiency projects are all part of their scope. They oversee the business side, the basics and the new technologies included in modern green projects.

Green building managers are paid an average of $91,500 in the US (£67,250 in the UK).


Geophysicists were in high demand in the oil and gas industry, as potential fuel resources had to be searched and found both on land and at sea. However, due to the transition to renewable energy in recent times and the drop in the price of oil in the world, geophysicists are slowly disappearing.

In contrast, the geothermal energy sector is booming, and geoscientists (who require much of the same experience as geophysicists) are among the most sought-after professionals in the world today. It mainly takes a bachelor’s or master’s degree to enter this field.

Geoscientists are paid an average of $91,000 in the US (£66,500 in the UK).

Civil Engineer

All energy and power companies planning to build new power plants will need civil engineers to participate in the project. Candidates for this field should have experience in large construction projects and have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in engineering (civil engineering).

Civil engineers paid an average of $86,500 in the US (£63,000 in the UK).

Financial Analyst For Renewable Energy Companies

As the field of energy is still quite new and in its infancy. They will continue to increase their energy efficiency. Carry out analyzes of investments, calculate the returns on these investments and market their services. They will rely on financial analysts for these tasks, as this is certainly not in the engineering field.

Professional financial analysts in the energy field will need to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree and good work experience in the same industry.

Financial analysts paid an average of $85,000 in the US (£62,000 in the UK).

Financial Analyst For Renewable Energy Companies

Solar Project Developer

The number of solar project developers is increasing in large numbers as there are many small. Medium and large companies undertaking solar projects all over the world. Each project requires considerable planning due to the number of permits needed and the connection to the network.

They will be in contact with different professionals during their projects: financial analysts. Lawyers and engineers to ensure that everything goes well.

Solar project developers paid an average of $84,000 in the US (£61,500 in the UK).


In conclusion, the energy industry offers a good and interesting career path for potential and current engineers. As the demand continues to rise for safe and affordable means in a safe and effective way. Our current goal is to embark on the transition to renewable energy while slowly weaning off existing methods.


The energy industry sometimes gets a bad rap. Much of this bad press is due to high-profile disasters such as Deepwater Horizon and the environmental problems caused by fracking. Yet the industry offers affordable and generally safe ways to fuel the economy. Additionally, energy offers a good career path for forward-thinking engineers.

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