Chevy small block V8 engines enjoy a long-held reputation for integrity, durability and, of course, power since they came into production in the 1950s. That’s why Chevy still produces them for the aftermarket crowd even though production originally stopped in 2003 and that’s why they’re the gold standard for GM engines. Superchargers are recognized as a sound investment as they allow small block engines to perform at a greater level than they otherwise could.

How Does a Supercharger Work?

A supercharger compliments the power of the engine by compressing its airflow before it actually enters the engine. Adding more air allows the engine to mix in more fuel, which results in more power.

Most supercharger manufacturers will claim that a supercharger will add between 30 and 50 percent more power than its original output. The range is indicative of the fact that the actual increase depends on the type of supercharger, its quality and the quality of its installation and the general operating condition of the car, in general.

What Can a Transmission Add?

Installing performance transmissions is a great upgrade because it improves both power and performance to your vehicle. A performance transmission allows you to shorten the gears with an FC gearbox, which reduces resistance placed on the motor. Changing gear ratios does not add horsepower, but it can increase speed. These transmissions allow axles to spin faster and provide precision control when you need it most. Smooth gear transmissions allow you to accelerate faster.

Why Supercharge Your Chevy Small Block?

An SBC supercharger offers a lot. When you connect a supercharger to a 350 small block intake, you can add more horsepower. Some superchargers are able to easily make more power while still retaining air conditioning and power steering, if needed.

When comparing superchargers to turbochargers, superchargers win out because not only is adding them to your engine a quick solution to boosting power but unlike the turbocharger, they have no lag. This is due to the fact that power delivery is immediate because the supercharger is driven by the engine’s crankshaft.

Upgrading other components, such as the exhaust system or adding an intercooler, will also increase the vehicle’s power and unlock more of the supercharger’s potential. A good supercharger installation will not only increase horsepower, it’ll also add torque.

If the system is properly tuned, supercharging your Chevy small block is not detrimental to the engine and should not affect its lifespan. On the other hand, it will add pep and quickness to your car.

Enthusiasts everywhere will continue to use Chevy small blocks for their builds and restorations because, besides being traditionalists, these engines boast a time-tests durable design, reliability and easy maintenance. You can make your applications with a moderate kit of engine tools. By supercharging your small block, you maintain that smaller footprint under the hood, adding power without sacrificing power to other parts of the vehicle. Visit an auto parts store today to get the latest parts and accessories to complement your vehicle so that you can ride happier tomorrow.